Dip Into The Highlife In The Scottish Highlands. No Comedy Veil Or Fairy Wings Included

If a wet weekend in Wales for three nights under rain-beaten canvas isn’t quite your cup of tea and the prospect of a quick getaway where the main ‘attractions’ are 1) a soggy newspaper package of acidic chips and greasy battered cod and 2) a night out in the area’s grottiest nightclub where there are more hens and stags than at your local petting zoo; then have you considered taking yourself somewhere a little more special; a place where- from one footstep to the next- your experience of will evolve and change, all depending on where you choose to direct the next stage of your journey?

Edinburgh is one of those places. Steeped in historical culture and tradition and nestled in one of the main beauty spots in the Scottish Highlands where in one breath sheep roam freely and cattle take pride of place and the next you are treated to street upon street of high-end fashion; Edinburgh offers you everything on a plate, and more.

“Edinburgh?” You think. “But, I want a bit of excitement.” Well, visit Edinburgh during Festival time and you’ll be exposed to more fizzing fireworks than an annual night celebrating the demise of Guy Fawkes. With sparkly starbursts of ruby and emerald cracking open and waking up the midnight sky above the smoke swept battlegrounds of Edinburgh Castle and where thundering music and thumping bass lines swell to an unimaginable climax; you’ll stand transfixed, face lit up in the firelight, mesmerised in awe of what on Earth is going to happen next.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff-barnes/67291131/

And, if you can’t make it during this life- changing season of celebration and grandeur; like that favourite book that- despite having read it cover to cover- you just can’t help but dipping into whenever you get a spare moment, just to discover one of its darker hidden secrets; why not begin your Highland adventure in the very epicentre of Edinburgh for some ultimate rest and recuperation from the everyday Rat Race that has become your so-called ‘life?’

Edinburgh- just like it is raucous and rampant in its nightlife- is a vast, ever-changing immense place of tradition and opulence where, if you start out in the Old Town’s picture-perfect jumble of medieval tenements, densely piled along what’s known as the ‘Royal Mile,’ with its turreted skyline that is invisibly but securely attached between the blacker-than-black Castle Rock and the rough and ready palisade of Salisbury Crags; you’ll find out just what a travelling holiday here can do for your blood pressure.

And then, for some more seclusion- perhaps with a Dewey-eyed loved one- how about hot-footing it to the New Town’s quaint little grid of neoclassical artistic flair? Because, with the infinite columns and capitals, pediments and porticoes; Edinburgh is a never-the-same, once in a lifetime perspective into an alternative way of life; a much more sedate one at that. And what’s even better; its small enough to explore- from pillar to post, one edge to the other- on foot alone… just don’t forget your walking boots and mackintosh!

Holly Wells work for a conference venue in Edinburgh and loves living in Edinburgh and would encourage you to visit this stunning city.

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