Devil’s Own London: Top 3 Haunted Locations Of England

“No Ghost was seen with two pairs of eyes” – Thomas Carlyle had said. We all talk of ghosts and haunted places. The only ones who have had experiences can tell better. The stories and Fly to London with Crazy Flightsexperiences of ghosts and haunted places are never ending. I have my aunt tell me the stories of her personal ghost experiences and other’s stories too. They say in India, spirits are more so seen in rurals and the only people who can witness ghosts would be the one with certain planetary positions and Vedic astrology.

There are many people from different countries that have seen spirits and experienced haunted places. The Whaley house in California, the Myrtles plantation in Louisiana, the White House, the Rolling Hills Asylum in NYC are some of the well known haunted places of world. London tower, Berkeley Square, Ten Bells Pub are names of the haunted places of England. Let’s see the top scariest places of England.

  1. High-gate Cemetery, North London: This place is not only the spookiest place of England, but also the world. High Gate Cemetery has seen the burials of Charles Dickens, Douglas Adams, Karl Marx. Much sinister and weird activity has been observed here. The lush green atmosphere and the open space of the dead tombstones make this place scarier. A visitor can actually have a tour of this place for seven pounds. High gate cemetery is said to be the place that has more paranormal activities than actually a ghostly place.
  2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire: The Ram Inn was built in 1145. This is not a confirmed fact, however it is believed so. The owner John Humphries is a very friendly chap who shows you around the hotel narrating the unusual happenings that has taken place here. It is said that this inn was a place for the workers who helped constructing the Parish church. The hotel has Witches room, Bishops room, attic and bar. The Bishops room is said to be the one in which lots of notorious things have been experienced. The rooms have eerie feeling, are chilly and full of newspaper rolls, antiques and stuffed animals. John Humphries stays in the inn and has also investigated black-magic, evil devotion and child sacrifice rituals. The only reason this inn is still running is because John wants to make some money to re-store this incredible architecture.
  3. Tower of London: We are all aware of the eminent and well-preserved Tower of London. The history of this place goes back over 900 years and is also one of the most haunted places of Britain. Thousands of people have been put to death, distressed and murdered here for many reasons. Regular sightings of the ghosts have been experienced by the guards and other people. Wife of Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn is one spirit that has been seen by most people. The spirit was seen in the Tower Chapel Royal where she was beheaded for treason reasons and tower green. A young spirit of Lady Jane Grey is also seen in the battlement areas of Tower with blurred images of marching soldiers. She was beheaded for the same reason as Ann Boleyn.
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