Celebrating Your Wedding Aboard a Cruise Ship: The Details You Should Know

Saying “I do” while looking at your beloved’s face and glimpsing waves on the sea in the distance; this aspect, so romantic and original, is only one of the advantages of getting married aboard a cruise ship. It’s an option that first arose in the United States, but which has already attracted many enthusiasts throughout Europe.

Practical Decisions

Your wedding day should be special and memorable. There is no shortage of couples looking for experiences different from traditional weddings. Among all of the options out there, getting married on a cruise ship will undoubtedly add originality, elegance and a magic touch that will be difficult to surpass. However, before this dream can become a reality, there are still many details left to finalize. The first of these is the destination. Do you want distant, exotic lands or romantic cities with their store of history?

Next come the duration and type of the trip. You can currently find voyages lasting from five to fifteen days as well as “all inclusive” cruises, which can save you many headaches and usually offer relatively moderate prices.

When cruises agree to celebrate a wedding on board it is because they have a chapel as well as banquet halls where the ceremony can be celebrated. However, some couples discard this option in favour of getting married on some exotic beach. This obviously entails more work in order to finalize all the details, and you will also have to consider the possibility that the climate might not play along.


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Remember that your cruise does not do away with all the usual details. You will still have to ask for the marriage license, a document that varies from one country to another and which represents a small additional charge. In this case, you should know that New York is one of the least expensive places for this, while Italy is one of the most expensive.

Little Welcome Extras

Some cruise companies charge themselves with the task of preparing all the details on board, from the music to the decoration. In addition, there are different special packages, some of which include a private reception in the most luxurious restaurant on the ship, open bar for the newlyweds and small surprises in their cabin. Something that other cruise deals also include in their packages is a photography session and a wedding planner. Since you are about to get married, we recommend that you visit the websites of the principal agencies specializing in cruises in order to become familiar with all the options you have available for your wedding day. As always, booking in advance is the key to finding the best prices.

In this article, you will discover the major details to keep in mind in order to make celebrating your wedding on board a cruise ship perfect.

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