Camping for Idiots

I don’t know how she managed it, but the wife seems to have talked me into going camping. This is the woman who screams and runs from a moth, covers the kids in buckets of sun cream and will not under any circumstances walk through a field containing cows. Her idea of roughing it is a ground floor apartment more than 5 minutes’ walk from a Spanish beach. I couldn’t wait to see her fully surrounded by the great outdoors.


We were talking about the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend, primarily the camping trip. She actually seemed excited. To hear her talk I thought we had better visit a decent shop, to show her some necessary camping equipment. I searched the internet and found just what I was looking for.

Campers Paradise

We travelled on a Sunday and the plan was to spend some time viewing the various tents, she had this idea of a strange 1960’s Scouts type thing. I knew she was in for a shock. When we got there we were both shocked at how big the store was. From the outside it looked enormous, but when we entered it took our breath away. It was a true camper’s paradise. Tents stood everywhere. Not packed away, or rolled into bags, actually stood up ready to enter. Different colours, shapes and sizes. Clothing, cooking equipment, walking boots, you name it, they had it. The wife was awe struck, and it took something major to stop her from talking. I found a very helpful assistant and asked him about the various things we would need. Considering we had no equipment or previous experience, he did a fantastic job. He managed to list the essentials, without dazzling us with science.


We had chosen our tent, and started to collect the items suggested. Our helpful assistant then appeared and gave us some impressive news. The store actually creates bundles. A bundle is a collection of clothing or equipment designed to complement each other. For example a 2 man tent, a pair of sleeping bags, cooker and gas canister or waterproof jacket, trousers, boots and socks. Individually these items would work out at quite a reasonable price, but collected together into a bundle, the savings were even better.  You can even create your own bundle.

Bank Holiday

We had left the camping store with 3 separate bundles. The tent, a fantastic 4 man hexagon, had been involved in a 50% sale and everything else had still been cheaper than elsewhere. A waterproof clothing bundle had been next. Jackets, trousers, hats and boots for all of us, again the price was fantastic. The Bank Holiday came, and went, and we still haven’t been camping. Sadly for us the sunshine seemed to forget where we live. I tried to tell her that we had all of this waterproof stuff, but it was all to no avail. Good job I bought the third bundle then, my own personalized Team GB kit. It looked great on down the pub.

holiday camping

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Whether you’re an expert or a novice like me, for discounted, quality camping equipment there is really only one place to go. Take my word for it; you won’t need to look anywhere else.

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