Budget Accommodation for the Paralympics

You’ve got the tickets and the t-shirt:  London 2012 Paralympics, here you come! But have you got yourself some accommodation?

According to a Which? survey, hotels were charging up to 400% more for a room during the Olympic and Paralympic games!

It doesn’t seem fair that we have shelled out on the tickets and travel, and still have to stump up for over-priced rooms. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t got much spare cash this year!

But if you don’t have the cash to splurge on a 5* suite, here are a few options that won’t cost you a fortune.

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A Room with a Price Tag

When the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) first bid for the Olympics, it made a deal with hotels to provide more than 40,000 rooms for the duration of the games.

However, the great surge of demand expected hasn’t quite materialised, meaning that with demand low, the hotels are now abandoning their usual minimum night stay rules.  There are also discounts available, with hotel rooms that were on the market for £213 a night (average price) now priced at £160, a cut of 24%. This is great news for people coming into London!

However, £160 per night is still a 75% increase on prices for the same period last year. So if you don’t want to pay for over-priced hotel rooms, then what about camping instead?


Camping at the Games

Yes, you can camp at the Paralympics on a 19 hectare green field site in Walthamstow, just 4 miles from the Olympic Park. The field is being transformed into a giant camping pitch especially for the games, which means that staying in London suddenly becomes an affordable option for those with limited means.

But the site will be far more than a bare field. The site is going to have a kids’ club, bicycle hire, shuttle bus services to the main venues, a grocery store, a secure lock-ups for valuables and even Wi-Fi to keep you in the loop!

There will also be an entertainment zone including a bar, food stalls, live entertainment and a large TV screen, so you can catch up on all the bits you’ve missed.


Budget or Luxury

If you want to go for the ultra budget option, you can pitch your own tent, which will only cost £10 per person, per night.  If you do this, it’s best to bring a basic camping kit, including sleeping bag (use a silk liner to keep out the chills), headlight/torch, and the all important wellies.

But if you prefer to be a bit more classy, luxury camping (or glam-ping) is available in bell tents for £100 per night, and the tents can sleep up to 4 people.  This accommodation will be set up ready for your arrival, with proper beds and comfy duvets.

This option is rather above mugs of beer and hotdogs, so remember to bring your posh stuff. Buy plastic wine glasses instead of using paper cups, and bring proper stainless steel cutlery and china plates – food just tastes so much better!

As you are in central London, not Outer Mongolia, you should be able to track down a local supermarket and knock up some steaks, salmon or gourmet sausages, for a good square meal after the exertions of the day!

A portable bar is a must too – just don’t forget to bring the cocktail shaker, a corkscrew and a bottle opener – any excuse to cheer on Team GB!

Do you have any other budget ideas for the Paralympics?

Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer whose desire for adventure has taken him around the world. He has now settled in Bristol, and blogs for Merritt Plastics in his spare time.

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