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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is one of the world’s foremost economic, tourist and cultural centres, as with any city this brings beautiful architecture, unique entertainment on every corner and unmissable photo prospects. In this article I will explain the top 5 places in Barcelona that visiting photographers and tourist should not miss!

1. La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of Antonio Gaudi´s most famous and illustrious masterpieces of architecture, despite being unfinished and under constant construction the church draws 1000´s of tourists every year to photograph the unusual and incredibly detailed architecture. If you feel the need to pay to enter the La Sagrada Familia, there is a magnificent organ that makes it all worth it, however be warned that much of the inside may be covered by scaffolding whilst building continues, so if standing outside in awe of the enormous structure is enough for that perfect photograph just wait till all construction is finished around 2026.

2. Torre Agbar

The Torre Agbar is Spain’s answer to London’s ´Gherkin´ baring a similar shape and design to “The Gherkin” and both were finished in the same year. The 38-story skyscraper sticks out in any cityscape photograph of Barcelona, it has become iconic to Barcelona and is figure of change for the previously industrial area that it resides in. The Torre is not open to viewing by the public as it is in use as an office space; however the outside is a must for any photographer in Barcelona. At night this reason becomes apparent as the outer glass walls light up in a collection of 4´400 glittering multi-coloured lights, and if you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona for New Year or Christmas the tower puts on an extraordinary light show.

3. Turo de la Rovira

By far my favourite discovery so far in Barcelona, climb the steep winding path up to the top of the Turo and it will reveal a set of old military bunkers, and perfect photo opportunities. A very popular spot to take photographs due to its complete vision over Barcelona onto the Mediterranean sea, you can take beautiful panorama cityscapes from most directions whilst at the top and in the opposite direction there is a display of misty rolling mountains that extend into the distance. If you get there early enough it’s not uncommon to find dedicated romantics and photographers sleeping at the top waiting for sunrise. Follow another path back down from the Turo and you could see what remains of the old post-war shanty towns which are now more like large houses with an amazing view.

4. La Ramblas

There is a good reason that La Rambla is one of the most touristic areas of Barcelona, it is more of an experience to walk down with every step of the way being a photographers dream. Drop some small change to the human statues to make them give you a display of gratitude, take some up-close shots of the many colourful street performers or simply photograph the many wonders of architecture up this street such as La Rambla waves or the street mosaics.

5. Camp Nou Stadium

Home of FC Barcelona, the biggest stadium in Europe provides awe inspiring photographs that are representative of one the best football teams in the world; go on the museum tour to take pictures of inside the stadium and get a glimpse of the clubs history. Don’t be put off if you´re not a football fan, you can go to Camp Nou when there is a football game on and take pictures of the glowing lights of the outside – which are much like that of the Torre Agbar. Many companies offer Barcelona Nou Camp Tours and they tend to be quite affordable.

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Ben is living in Barcelona and is very passionate about football and photography. Ben also works with Barcelona as a travel writer.

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