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Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road will know that owning a smartphone can save a great deal of time and money and one of the reasons for this is the number of apps that are available on them.  There are apps to help with every aspect of travel and as most are available for different types of phones then we can all take advantage of them.


Finding out information on various places is easy as the internet is great for that.  However, having an app which is regularly updated with the latest destination information is a good thing.  Triposo can be used on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and has been created by experienced designers to work with a variety of sites to make sure that you have the latest information.  It does not need to connect to the internet to work and has features such as phrase books and converters for local currency.  It will also make suggestions for where to go.


Tripit is another useful app although only available for Apple devices at the moment.  This will help you to plan your trip by keeping the travel itinerary organised for you.  You can send the details of your holiday to the app and it will do the organisation for you.

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When you are in a new place then it can be difficult to find the best places to eat out.  If you add Urbanspoon to your Apple device or Android phone it will scan your local area and point you in the right direction.  It can also be useful if you are not somewhere new but want to find something a bit different in your local area.

UK Bus Checker

If you are travelling around the UK and want to make the most of public transport then you can opt for the UK Bus Checker app, available for both Android and Apple.  This app covers a number of major UK cities and will give real-time information to the traveller, covering more than 300,000 bus stops in the country.

Hotel Tonight

Apps linked to hotels are becoming increasingly popular too.  Hotel Tonight, for example, will give details of deals from the top trendy hotels each day.  This app is for same day booking and you only need to tap it to book a room and take advantage of great rates.  The coverage of the app is expanding all the time too.  You can also consider the Jetsetter Hotel and Travel Deals app.  Jetsetter is a travel website for members only and you can use the app to search for a hotel by location or theme.  All hotels are reviewed to give you all the information that you need.

Google Translate

Apps are also the latest way to get around the language barriers that some travellers come up against.  Google Translate is available for both Apple and Android devices and you can use it to translate words and phrases between 64 different languages.  Some translations are delivered in an audio version, helping you to communicate that bit better on your travels.

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