Beating Your Flying Phobia – Stay Calm and Enjoy the Ride

Anyone who has a phobia understands that there are certain triggers that give rise to the symptoms of their personal phobias.

Phobic reactions can differ from person to person but they generally involve some kind of panic attack which triggers the fight or flight reflex.  Let’s face it a panic attack at 40,000ft in an enclosed space with nowhere to run to is not something that is easily overcome, but there are ways to alleviate some of the symptoms and lessen the degree of panic reaction.

These are not necessarily text book solutions but they work for me.  The thought of boarding a plane, even for a short flight fills me with dread and I find the whole process painful and distressing, so I have developed my own set of coping mechanisms to face my flying phobia.

Organised and in Control

I panic, and when I say panic I mean worry, fret and imagine every possible scenario from losing my ticket, missing the flight, my bags getting lost etc. in fact even down to panicking about the person that is going to be sitting next to me.  So I organise.  I write lists.  This way I make sure that I have everything I need, organised and easily accessible.  I even pack clean underwear in my hand luggage in case my bags do go missing!

Relaxation and Meditation

Learn to relax, practice some relaxation and meditation techniques in the days before you fly.  I’m not talking about working through a conquer your fear CD or anything like that, but creating an image in your mind of a place that makes you feel safe and secure so that you can call on that image and the feelings that it provokes as you wait around the departure lounge is a good idea.  If you are a smoker the fact that airports are no smoking areas can raise your anxiety levels so try using some electronic cigarettes instead.  The more relaxed you are as you board the plane the more you will be suppressing your panic reaction.

Load Up Your MP3

Take you MP3 player with you and makes sure that there is music on there that you can relax and switch off the outside world to.  After take-off, (which I find the worse part) you can sit back, turn your music on and close your eyes, lose yourself in the music and try to forget about where you are.  Don’t worry about being anti-social, this way you are being far more social than if you were sitting there a nervous wreck as it makes everyone around you nervous too!

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Many airlines now allow electronic cigarettes to be used on board.  If you are a smoker and struggle to calm down when flying visit and take a look at the selection available.

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