A History Of The Bronx

The Bronx which sits on the northernmost part of New York City is featured a lot of in movies and music videos that tend to show a relatively dark side of this part of the city.

But why do people portray it that way and is it an accurate description of one of the poorest congressional districts in America?

A Bit Of Information

The population of the Bronx in 2010 was thought to be just over 1,400,000 and because the area covers just 42 square miles, it is thought to be one of the most densely populated counties in the whole of the country. Having said this, as much as a quarter of the Bronx is open space, The Bronx Zoo, the Woodlawn Cemetery, 2 parks and the New York Botanical Garden all take up a lot of the room, which makes this area quite unique.

The land that these parks etc. sit on were reserved especially for these places as there was a lot of development in the area and the authorities wanted to save space for the public, rather than build on them.


The river was named after a gentleman from the Netherlands, who was one of the first to settle here in 1639. Jonas Bronck was the man who gave his name to the river and his name was eventually used to identify the area.

During the mid-19th and 20th centuries, a whole host of immigrants started to make the Bronx their home. Many Jews, Irish, Italians and Germans flooded here, before Hispanic Americans and African Americans also made this place their home.

In the 60’s and 70’s there was a huge decline in the amount of housing that was deemed to be habitable, and the population declined along with it. The quality of life started to go downhill pretty quickly and this led to a lot of crime taking place.

Things have been changing in this part of New York City since the 1980’s when projects such as ‘The Ten Year Plan’ came into effect; this plan encouraged better housing and transport facilities to be brought into the area. These changes had a chain reaction and chain stores started opening here, and life in these parts gradually started to improve.

These days, the Bronx is a thriving part of New York City and you will find many wealthy families living in this part of the world. When you visit the Bronx, you will see that it’s a beautiful part of the world that is far from the crime-ridden and impoverished scenes you will come across in movies.

There continues to be a lot of development in the area with new houses and businesses being built all the time. The Bronx Zoo is a major tourist attraction as are the parks that help to cover up to twenty-five percent of the land that it sits on.

Forget all you think you know about The Bronx, and see for yourself, how wonderful this part of the world really is.

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