7 Great Destinations To Consider For 2013

holidays in 2013

2013 is a great year for traveling, but with over 200 countries and countless cities and historic places to see in this big world, how do you choose where to spend your vacation? Hopefully this list of great places will spark your imagination and tease your travel bugs. This list features some of the best bang-for-your-buck in sight-seeing, hotel stays, gorgeous scenery, and great shopping.

  1. For a beautiful city full of rich views, head over to Istanbul, Turkey. You can spend your days cruising along their beautiful coastline or getting to know the interesting history of Turkey, the country that straddles two continents.
  2. Australia is a popular place to visit, but not many people think of the southern part of this country. visit the island of Tasmania for exploring the great music and art scene. There’ a lot of area to explore outside in the beautiful forests and the weather is great here, too.
  3. Need a place for relaxation and learning about some great history while diving into great food all at once? Then head over to Marseille for your 2013 destination. 3.5 hours away from Paris on the cool super speedy train, Marseille is a great city to soak in some culture with their vibrant arts scene and great views. It is also a great start for a 7 day itinerary to Provence.
  4. Love ancient history? Then a trip to Beijing China is a must visit destination in 2013. China features beautiful architecture from dynasties long ago and rich opportunities to learn intriguing history. Not to mention the shopping!
  5.  Love animals? Then add safari to your itinerary – in South Africa. But South Africa is more diverse than you think. So after you’re done seeing the elephants, come to civilization to Durban, a great city for delving into culture and awesome food.
  6. There’s more to South Korea than that popular song that reached the masses in the United States. In 2013, why not head to a city full of cheap shopping, great culture, and awesome food – I’m talking about the rich city of Seoul, of course.
  7. Last but not least, is the beautiful city of Vienna and their great wineries not so far from the city limits – so you can grab some great wine and still make it back in time for some more city-walking and taking pictures of the beautiful architecture in Austria’s largest city.

Before traveling it is important to plan your itinerary carefully and research the weather of your destination so you pack the right clothes. Also, pack comfortable walking shoes because these destinations have a lot to explore. Your days will be filled with beautiful views, great tasting food and lots of shopping. Don’t forget to talk to the natives and get to know the country from their perspective, not just the tourist spots – you will open up your mind, learn a new language or practice it, and maybe make some new friends. When you come back to the United States you will have a lifetime of memories and hopefully tons of pictures to look back upon and share with friends and family.

Dahlia loves to write about lots of stuff especially when it comes to one of her favorite hobbies…travelling. She occasionally writes for Fortina Spa Resort, a 5 star hotel in Malta situated on the Sliema waterfront overlooking the historic capital of Valletta.

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