5 Reasons to Fly Light (Hand Luggage Only)

We humans are creatures of habits; we have all have a tendency to base our actions on customs and traditions, rather than practicality. Let’s consider international travel, for example: why do so many holiday folks always tend to carry more luggage than they would realistically need? Truth of the matter is that most of us pack as many clothes and accessories as possible, just because… it might come in handy.

Well, this article will invite you to consider doing otherwise: why not make a conscious decision to fly light, for your next holidays? If you’re only spending a few days abroad, a simple backpack or hand luggage will likely be enough to accommodate the essentials. Read through this article to understand exactly which benefits you may get from this light-weight mode of travel.


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Avoid luggage check-in fees

If you favor low cost flights, you have probably noticed how those low cost airlines keep looking for ways to sneak hidden costs by you. One of the latest trends involves charging passengers for the privilege of placing their luggage in the plane cargo. For the time being though, there’s still no charge for the single piece of hand luggage you’re allowed to carry next to you in the cabin. For this reason alone, many travelers are now choosing to go light and travel with hand baggage only. But being frugal is not the only benefit of this traveling style!

Breeze through the airport

The luggage check-in process at most airports tends to be somewhat excruciatingly annoying. You have to stand around in never-ending queues, wait for a customs agent to fiddle around inside your baggage, not to mention the actual lugging around of heavy big bags or briefcases. When you choose to travel with hand luggage only, you thus save yourself a lot of trouble. Just check yourself in on-line, print your boarding pass and leisurely stroll along to the boarding gate… no sweat!

Skip the lost luggage limbo

Don’t you just love it when you have to keep staring at those loud conveyor belts for endless minutes, eventually realizing that your luggage is nowhere to be seen, cringing in anticipation at the thought of a ruined vacation start, and the subsequent annoyances of trying to track down a lost piece of luggage? If you were to travel with a single bag that you always carry around with you, that kind of thing is no longer an issue; you just have to remember never to leave it behind, which isn’t really that hard, is it?

No need for a Taxi, thanks

Nothing screams “tourist” like a person trying to desperately get hold of a taxi at the airport exit, while keeping an eye (and hand) over a heavy big pile of luggage. And it’s not unheard of for that taxi ride from the airport to the hotel to cost more than the actual flight, is it? Well, there’s another blessing available only to light travelers: being able to just prance out of the airport leisurely and hop on their favored public transportation, which is bound to cost only a fraction of what calling a taxi would cost.

Free as a bird on foreign land

The whole concept of traveling without heavy cargo has a way of making you feel exquisitely free and unrestrained. Since you have all your belongings in a portable bag that’s strapped over your shoulder, you get to waltz along at your own pace. You’re free to follow your whims and stop on the way to the hotel to do a bit of sight-seeing, or just take a stroll around the neighborhood to check things out, rather than rushing to your chosen accommodation with a strained back and a stressed mind.

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