5 Important Things To Do Before Backpacking Across Europe

Exploring different parts of the world is a journey may hope to make a reality in their lifetime. Many are eager to learn of the different cultures, study the history of countries, enjoy a taste of the diverse foods, and take pleasure in the simplicity of hearing other languages spoken. While the thought of spontaneously backpacking across Europe may seem tempting, remember that you will need a place to sleep, and the last thing any foreign traveler wants to do is wind up lost. Mapping out your backpacking journey will help you organize your travel itinerary and ensure you do and see everything you want to while in Europe.

Aside from the obvious agenda of selecting a date to travel, booking a flight, and packing your backpack and belongings, there are other important steps no traveler should avoid.

1. Choose what places you want to see
You can start planning your backpacking journey with the most exciting step: choosing what places to explore. Europe consists of 47 independent countries, each rich with history and a diverse culture to learn about. Many travelers especially like to visit countries where their ancestors are from, and visit historical landmarks and museums. You can see the many beautiful buildings, including castles and empires, attend a cultural festival, and find out what the nightlife is all about. Of course, don’t forget about indulging in foreign cuisine. Swing by a bar or restaurant and take a taste of something different.

2. Arrange for accommodations
After spending what feels like forever exploring the different parts of Europe, you’re going to need a place to rest. Since you already mapped out what parts you want to explore, you can begin searching for nearby hotels. Because you’re backpacking across Europe, remember that you don’t need anything too fancy.

3. Find a means of transportation
Because so many countries make up Europe and depending upon what parts of Europe you want to see, you should find reliable transportation to help get you to where you want to be. You can research online the different trains, ferries and buses available and the schedule they run on. This will also help you plan how long you want to stay at each location.

4. Have currency available
Make sure you exchange your American dollars for foreign currency so that you have money available. You can do this at certain banks or at the airport. The euro is widely used in Europe, and countries that use it include Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, and Portugal and Madeira. If you’re visiting the United Kingdom, whether England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, their currency is the Pound.
5. Learn some of the lingo
While you don’t have to master another language prior to visiting another country, it helps to know simple and common phrases such as “Hello” and “Thank you.” Although many countries across the world speak English, don’t assume that they will speak it just because you do. You may want to take note of useful phrases and keep them in your backpack should you need them.

Most importantly, have fun on your backpacking adventure across Europe. Be sure to make the most of your time and make it worth the memory.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer who can blog all day about travel and the many places to explore. Follow her @MissWritey.

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