5 Etiquette Tips For Travel Girls

Who says you can’t date when traveling? In fact, it’s incredibly romantic and exciting all at the same time. You don’t have friends and family to watch your every move, and you can focus your energy on meeting someone who can be a huge part of your life. Besides, it makes solo traveling more memorable.

You can’t have a perfect date, but you can guarantee it’s going to be fun and unforgettable for both of you. When up for a beautiful romance, take note of the following travel dating tips:

1. Get to know the place. Usually one of the reasons why dates are uncomfortable is because you absolutely have no idea where you’re going. The ambiance, the people there, and the food can definitely affect your mood. If you’re not happy, then don’t expect the guy to not feel it too. Always ask where you’re going. (It’s also safe that way.) Research, and if it doesn’t fit your criteria of a superb dating place, don’t be afraid to offer some suggestions.

2. Learn more about their culture. You can say that you’re a tourist, so you have all the right to be completely clueless about how men date. But not knowing their culture and traditions can also have a huge impact on your travel dating. For instance, do you know that Indians aren’t really mindful of time? They can come in around 15 to 30 minutes of your agreed appointment. They’re also not comfortable eating pork meat. Some guys don’t want to kiss women on cheeks or hold their hands in public. Others feel awkward when they catch you staring at them.

3. Dress according to the occasion. What’s weirder than wearing a cocktail dress in a watering hole? This is another reason why you should already have at least a hint of the place you’re going to. You want to make sure that you don’t outshine the others because of your fashion faux pas. If the guy is adamant in not telling you where you’re going, then make sure to ask suggestions on what to wear.

4. Refuse food and drink nicely. Men on dates are almost always going to offer you some food and drink. Don’t be obliged to accept, especially if you haven’t met the person at least once in your life or you don’t know a lot about him. Remember, safety will always come first. However, you can say no to such offers nicely by saying you’re allergic to it, or you don’t drink alcohol.

5. Communicate if you say so. Some travel girls are too shy to say they’re not interested in dating the guy anymore, so they stop communicating. You can do that, or you can already be clear about it head on so he stops bothering you by letting know how you feel. On the other hand, letting him know you enjoy his company may mean more dates and more time to get to know him—that is, if you hope to take the date to a different level.

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