Top 5 Tech Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues

It’s official – the holiday blues really do exist. High expectations and the stress of co-ordinating everything can cause you to feel down during your holiday and can also cause depression at the thought of returning to your normal routine when you get back.

It’s particularly common for those who return from a winter sunshine break to react badly to lack of daylight when they get back. Symptoms can include tiredness, snapping at people and headaches, which we tend to fight by eating and drinking too much.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a lot of advice online about coping with depression in general and the holiday blues in particular. Taking some time to recognise how you feel and looking after yourself a little will pay dividends and get you back on track.

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Here are our top five tech sources for advice on combating the holiday blues:

  1. Get an app that will teach you how to relax, both on and after your holiday. You can choose from specific techniques such as yoga or meditation (eg, Yoga Relax or MyMeditation) or something with natural and soothing sounds (eg, iChillout or Bubbles). You could also opt for something that exercises your creativity, such as tending a virtual garden, fishing or sketching.
  2. Optimise your sleeping patterns by checking out web app Sleepytime. If you enter when you need to get up, it will calculate the best time to go to bed. The app makes some decisions about the timing on 90 minute sleep cycles that we enter during the night and is designed to wake you up between cycles rather than in the middle of one. A good night’s sleep is essential to improving your mood.
  3. Got a Kindle? Then search for ‘holiday blues’ at Amazon’s Kindle store and download a guide to take with you on holiday. Or just lose yourself in a really great novel! Reading to escape reality for a while is a well known stress reliever.
  4. Check out some informative pages on Facebook on eating the right things, such as Recipes For Eating Well or All Is Well That Eats Well. There’s a good choice of groups from which to choose and you can get some friendly advice from member postings.
  5. Visit for all kinds of valuable hints and tips for managing the family holiday without stressing yourself out. It’s free to join and covers all sorts of sanity saving advice such as packing checklists, how to get through the airport with the kids and destinations recommended by other parents.

Returning from a holiday with more than the holiday blues could mean you’ve picked up a sickness bug in the sun. Visit a GP to get a diagnosis to see where the illness has come from.

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