Top 3 Weight Loss Strategies

There are countless weight loss ideas that can be found on the internet, but let’s take a look at three.  Each approaches the battle differently.  Some are focused on healthy food consumption.  Others are focused more on exercise.  For people with severe obesity problems, bariatric surgery is sometimes the best option, paired with a post bariatric diet.

Watch What You Eat (And Splurge Smartly)

Start paying attention to what’s in the food you eat, namely how much fat, protein, carbohydrates, calories, and fiber.  The most fiendish of foods are the empty calories.  Usually junk foods will fill you up for the moment, but you will soon be coming back for more (and more).  Try eating foods lower in fat and carbohydrates that will still fill you up and keep you full for longer.  This way you’re not constantly reaching for that bag of chips.  And if you still have the munchies, it’s always okay to snack on fruits, veggies, and nuts throughout the day to curb your cravings.  Also, your weight loss plan will most likely backfire if you are too strict on yourself.  If you’re consistently eating healthy, it’s okay to splurge every once in a while.

Get Your Body Moving, but Not Too Much

Studies have shown that it doesn’t take a sadistic workout routine to get into shape.  Ironically, extreme amounts of exercise have actually been shown to decrease health in some people.  It’s consistent, small amounts of exercise every week that will get you in the right direction for your weight loss goals.

Sometimes Surgery is the Best Option (Paired with a Bariatric Diet)

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss option for those who are severely obese and have tried other routes without success.  The procedure reduces the size of the stomach, limiting the amount of food you can consume in one sitting.  The surgery also reduces the amount of food you can digest (so your body isn’t pulling in as many calories as usual on top of the already limited food intake).  Physically curbing overeating and digestion in this way can result in significant weight loss.  This kind of weight loss strategy can be very successful if combined with an active and healthy lifestyle and a committed bariatric diet after surgery.

Choose What’s Best for You

Some people might be more inclined to focus on eating healthier; others might rather step outside for a jog a few times a week.  But for some, these strategies have had little effect.  For the severely obese, surgery might be the best option.  But this choice might be the most difficult of all because surgery will not be successful without a commitment to eating healthier and living an active lifestyle.

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