Top 3 Advantages Of Alkaline Water Ionizers

When I first learned about the benefits of an alkaline water ionizer, I thought the product was too good to be true. I’ve tested more than a dozen products out there that claim to dramatically improve health, only to end up disappointed with the results.

Fast forward to present, I am now enjoying an overall healthy body. My energy has increased, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds. What I am about to share with you is not a miracle cure; instead, it is something based on years of research and personal tryouts. With the combination of the right diet, ample amount of exercise and proper hydration, I am able to reach what I call my ideal health. Let me share some of the reasons why I am all praises for alkaline water ionizers.

Increases Hydration

Water does a decent job in hydrating the body. However, the recommended eight glasses of water may not actually be enough.

Regular water is composed of different molecule clusters. These molecules come in large sizes of about 13. Because of the big cluster size, these molecules do not penetrate cells and tissues as effectively as we thought they would.

What would happen then if our bodies do not process the water molecules efficiently? We end up dehydrated without even noticing it. A solution to this is to have the clusters broken down into smaller groups to better be absorbed by the body. This can be done with the help of an alkaline water ionizer.

Neutralizes Acids in the Body

Generally, we all love to eat, but the food that we eat sometimes wreaks havoc in our health. Some foods are more acidic than alkaline. When there is too much acid in the body, there is a tendency for us to have different illnesses. To counteract acidity in the body, we need to eat more alkaline-rich foods (usually fruits and vegetables) and drink alkaline water.

An alkaline water ionizer helps in breaking down regular water into acidic and alkaline streams. The alkaline water balances acidity in the body, while the acidic water can be used for external cleansing. Ordinary drinking water cannot remove the acidic water build up in our bodies, but alkaline water can.


Promotes Neutralization of Free Radicals

We are exposed every day to free radicals that bring a host of diseases. Aging, disease and other health problems surface when free radicals attack our cells and make them weak.

Water that goes through an alkaline water ionizer has an ORP of -450 (the lower the better), which is better than that of green tea. This means that alkaline water has the most antioxidants that protect the cells from damage. Our bodies then become less susceptible to diseases.

Alkaline water ionizers have surpassed all the other products I’ve tested in terms of efficiency and benefits. An alkaline water ionizer does not only filter the unwanted elements in the water, but also supercharges it to completely hydrate our bodies and combat disease. For something as simple and often neglected, we can now see water in a new light thanks to alkaline water ionizers.

Ross Bridgeford, identified as the ‘Alkaline Diet Guy’, has been actively using and promoting the alkaline diet for several years now. He has provided assistance to thousands of people to make that brave change and have the alkaline diet as a lifestyle. He is also known as alkaline foods and alkaline water expert because of his passion for alkaline nutrition and dedication to researching the best foods to eat and avoid for acid / alkaline balance. He is the cofounder of, recognized as the largest as well as the longest-running alkaline diet website in the world.

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