Tooth Caps – What Are They And When To Use Them

Pros and Cons of different tooth caps

People that have a great set of teeth have every reason to smile about. This feature enhances their overall appearance and is an indicator of good oral health. This also boosts their self-confidence, making them comfortable when socializing with others. On the other hand, those who are not fortunate to have nice looking teeth can still manage to have their cracks and discoloration repaired and look good as new by means of tooth caps.

A tooth cap covers the whole surface of the affected tooth. This can considerably transform the look of a tooth that looks unsightly. At the same time, it makes the tooth stronger and more stable. There are different types of tooth caps, and choosing the right type for your affected tooth can make a difference in your look. Since this is permanent, people should consider their advantages and disadvantages before deciding to have them affixed.

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