Too Much Sitting Could Hurt Your Kidneys

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5) What are the conclusions of the study?

Prolonged sitting has been linked now for over half a century with health issues including back pain, spinal problems, complaints relating to the neck and shoulder muscles, diabetes and other illnesses associated with lack of exercise. On top of this, a potential link has now been discovered between too much sitting and chronic kidney disease. A study by the National Institute of Health documented lifestyle patterns of over six thousand people between the ages of forty and seventy-five, and found a definite link between the amount of time spent sitting and the propensity to contract kidney disease.

Results of the Study

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease, documented 6,379 people over the course of more than three years, who reported on how much exercise they got on a regular basis and how many hours per day they spent sitting on average, amongst other things. The results of the study showed a direct correlation between those who suffered from kidney disease and those who spent long periods sitting down each day, whether through work or by choice. These conclusions were arrived at after taking into consideration control factors such as levels of physical activity, body mass index and other variables.

The Difference between Men and Women

One interesting conclusion of the study was that the amount of time spent sitting plays more of a role in risk factor for women than for men. In women, the risk factor dropped by over thirty per cent when sitting time per day was reduced from eight hours to three. In men the same reduction only decreased their risk by around fifteen per cent. However, increasing the amount of physical exercise partaken made a big positive difference to men but was not so significant in women.

How to Combat the Issue

Unfortunately there is as yet no hard and fast way to combat the effects on our health of too much sitting, but there are things you can do to help. Eschewing traditional office chairs in favour of standing or walking desks can make a big difference. In terms of back issues, taking regular breaks helps, although there is no evidence as yet to suggest it makes a difference in terms of your susceptibility to kidney disease. In general, staying fit and active will of course have a positive effect on your overall health. Staying well hydrated and eating a balanced diet all contribute to good kidney health as well as to your general level of well-being.

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