Things to Remember When Taking Medications for Hypertension

Are you taking medications for hypertension? Do you know that once you are already taking prescribed medications, especially on hypertension, things will never be the same for you? It’s not something bad or something to be afraid of, but your wellness and/or well-being will now be dependent on how well you take good care of yourself in relation to the things you need to do regarding your prescribed meds.

So below are some of the important things that you need to always remember:

Know Your Medicines

It is essential that you know your medicines. When the doctor gives you the prescription, ask him what it’s for and what it does. It will also help a lot if you ask what the possible side effects are. For example, will it cause dizziness? Will you be sleepy after you take it? Then ask if it goes against anything. For example, are there medicines that you need to avoid now as you are taking your regular prescribed hypertension medicine? It will also help if you know the generic name of your medicine. Memorize the name of your prescribed meds and how much you are supposed to take everyday. Is it 10 mg? 20 mg? 50 mg? 100mg? Or is it Plus? There are hypertension medicines that have other components.


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Take Your Medicines as Prescribed

Never ever miss a dose. But what should you do if you did miss taking a dose of your prescribed medicine? Well, take it as soon as you remember. But if you remembered just in time for your next dose, then just take one dose. Never take two doses in order to make up for the dose you missed, that’s no longer necessary. If you take more than one dose at a time, this is very dangerous, so don’t!

Do Not Change Your Medication without Consulting Your Doctor

Some people are tempted to change their medications for financial reasons; they change brands just because one brand is cheaper. Well, there’s really nothing wrong with trying to save money, but it is important to talk to your doctor first. Never change your meds to a cheaper one without discussing it with your doctor first. Most important of all, tell your doctor about your financial concerns and do not be ashamed to ask for a more affordable medicine.

Do Not Stop Taking Your Medications Even If You Feel You Don’t Need It Anymore

Do you know that stopping drugs abruptly can worsen your condition? But what if you feel good already and you feel that you don’t need to take hypertension meds already because your blood pressure is now normal. Well, don’t take unnecessary risks. Your blood pressure is now normal simply because you have been taking your hypertension meds regularly. If you really feel strongly that you’re good and you don’t need the medicines, go see your doctor and let him decide.

Follow a Strict Schedule

Take your medications at the same time every day, for example after you finish your breakfast. It is crucial that you follow a pattern or a routine so you don’t forget a dose. Forgetting is okay if done once or twice, but when it becomes a normal thing, it can be a mistake with dire consequences. Remember that taking your medications regularly as prescribed is critical as your health depends on it.

This article is written by Siena Lombardi, a seasoned writer for Accessrx Site. For more information on safe medications online, please visit Health Articles.

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