The Serious Side Effects Of Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in food and drinks that has been manufactured by the Monsanto company since 1981. It is made from two naturally occurring ingredients, the amino acids known as phenylalanine and aspartic acid. It has been tested and was promoted as a useful sugar alternative. Those wishing to restrict their sugar intake due to wanting to lose weight or to control diabetes symptoms sometimes used this artificial sweetener which goes by the brand names of NutraSweet and Canderel. This is not to be confused with 100% natural, sugar free sweeteners such as Natvia.

The Most Common Side Effects Of Aspartame

This artificial sweetener has received a bad reputation for causing reported side effects that range from annoying to dangerous. The side effects that users of aspartame are most often cautioned about are headaches and other symptoms like stomach upset, nausea, and increased appetite. Appetite increase happens because the body feels like it has been fooled.

When a person eats something sweet, the body feels that calories should go with that sweet taste. When using artificial sweeteners like aspartame, the body sends a signal of hunger. Due to the missing calories, this signal can cause one to eat more and gain weight.


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Aspartame Receives Approval Despite Controversy

Other symptoms cautioned about are things like mood changes and depression. Multiple health disasters have been attributed to using aspartame. Since the effects have not completely been proved, however, aspartame continues to be approved as a safe ingredient in food and drink products.

Various agencies like the European Scientific Committee on Food, the European Food Standards Authority, the Food Standards Agency and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have investigated aspartame and have concluded that it can still be utilised by companies wishing to sweeten certain products with it.

Some People Should Never Use Aspartame

The people who absolutely cannot use the sweetener aspartame are those with a genetic defect known as PKU or Phenylketonuria. This is the inability to digest the ingredients present in aspartame. This sweetener should never be used by those with this disorder, due to its toxic effects on these people.

Most artificial sweeteners come with recommendations for daily amounts that are safe to take in. However, it’s impossible to expect a person to accurately know what their intake has been unless the amounts are clearly labelled. To get around this, many companies choose to combine sweeteners in products so consumers would have to use a tremendous amount of the product to see harmful effects.

All Natural Sweeteners Are A Good Choice

When a person wants to sweeten food or drinks in a low or zero-calorie way without side effects, a fantastic alternative is to use a sugar-free and all natural sweetener like Natvia. In fact, Natvia has become the number one all natural sweetener preferred by Australia. More specifically, Natvia is the sweetener preferred by coffee drinkers to sweeten their coffee. It is used by many renowned coffee chains in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and is proudly served to customers as a natural alternative to sugar.

Mitchell is one of the leading Nutritionists from Brisbane, Australia. He follows a strict, healthy diet and uses sugar free recipes when he can. Mitchell says that people should use 100% natural, sugar free sweeteners, such as Natvia, as a healthy alternative.

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