The Increasing Popularity Of Electronic Cigarettes

Times have been changing in the world of smoking. Since the introduction of the Health Act in 2006 (or the smoking ban as you may know it) the use of traditional tobacco based cigarettes in public places has been eliminated. This meant smoking in restaurants, at bus stops, on platforms at train stations and many other public places was now illegal and doing so would be breaking the law.

The change in legislation aided the popularity of the less harmful non-tobacco counterpart; the electronic cigarette. Introduced in 2004 from China, electronic cigarettes were spurred on by the change in UK law as many smokers saw an opportunity to continue ‘smoking’ legally in public with the healthier equivalent without breaking the law.

Electronic cigarettes host many benefits besides the unrestricted access and legal aspect including: lower expenditure, no second-hand smoke and less harmful ingredients- there are 4000 toxins found in regular cigarettes. As well as this, electric cigarettes do not produce foul-smelling smoke that makes your fingers and clothes smell.

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The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) are a UK non-profit organisation created to protect and present consumers rights to the industry and provide correct information about electronic cigarettes. The ECCA have projected that 400,000 to 650,000 people in the UK will be using electronic cigarettes by the end of 2012. This is great news for vapers and the e cig industry as it confirms what we have believed for a long time; that e cigarettes are a realistic threat to the future of traditional cigs.

Further support for e cigs came from Bonnie Herzog, a senior analyst and managing director of tobacco, beverage and consumer research at Wells Fargo Securities LLC. Her jobs purpose is to analyse the trends in global tobacco consumption which makes her an expert in the field. She said: “While difficult to predict, we think it is possible that consumption of (electronic cigarettes) could outpace traditional cigarettes over the next decade.” This is more great news for the electronic cigarette industry supporting the notion that e cigs could soon replace the original tobacco cigarettes.

The distribution and availability of electric cigarettes is also now a lot more widespread than it was in the beginning. These days, besides online, e cigs can be bought from leading supermarkets and small retailers like newsagents across the country- this is a huge step towards raising the nation’s awareness of electronic cigarettes.

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