The Dangers of Replacing your Chair with an Exercise Ball

this post answers the following questions
1. Why some office workers prefer to sit on exercise call chair instead of common office chair?
2. Why is it unstable to sit on an exercise ball chair?
3. What is the difference between sitting on a proper office chair and an exercise ball?
4. What is the disadvantage on sitting in an exercise ball chair?
5. What else we can consider if we need something other than regular office chair to help us maintain a healthy back and spine?

Many workers, having listened to advice regarding how sitting in a chair for long periods of time can damage their health, have chosen instead to sit on an exercise ball at work. In theory this helps keep the back and other muscles healthy as it prevents any muscles from being held rigid or immobile. Constantly moving around gives you a bit of a work-out and helps alleviate muscle aches that come from sitting too still or slumped over, but there are other risks associated with sitting on an exercise ball all day.


The tendency of round objects is for them to roll. Sitting on an exercise ball may give your muscles a much needed work-out, but what happens when you tire? Loss of posture can cause you to fall off the ball, which is potentially dangerous as well as embarrassing. They are also liable to roll away whenever you stand up, leaving you chasing after them and probably bending over in a way that is also harmful to your back.

Employer Liability

At present the legal guidelines in the UK suggest that office chairs must be stable. A large inflatable ball is anything but stable, and many employers will think twice before allowing them in the workplace. If you bring one in but then fall off it and injure yourself, an employer who had allowed this to happen may well end up being liable to pay something in damages as well as receive additional health and safety inspections.


You may begin the day on your exercise ball in the perfect posture, but as time goes on your muscles will begin to tire. At this point the tendency is to slump, no matter what you are sitting on. In a proper chair there is support in place to encourage you to sit properly and you will not tire. An exercise ball not only tires you out, but has no back support to prevent you from hunching over.

Height Adjustable

Exercise balls are not height adjustable as are regular ergonomic office chairs. This results in most people sitting in a position which is harmful to them. If you sit with your knees pushed up closer to your chest than advisable or leaning forward to reach the floor then you are doing yourself just as much harm as if you were sitting incorrectly in a regular chair.

If you do find you need something other than a regular office chair to help maintain a healthy back and spine, consider a walking or standing desk instead. These are perfectly safe, less tiring and don’t cause any health and safety nightmares.

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