The Best Ways To Avoid Tooth Erosion

The Best Ways To Avoid Tooth Erosion

Did you know that every time you sip on a sweet, sugar-filled soft drink, you cover your teeth in erosive material that strips away their outer layers and destroys their health? The downsides of soft drinks go far beyond weight gain and diabetes — drinking soft drinks and other drinks that are high in sugar causes severe tooth erosion and permanent damage to the teeth.

Sometimes health warnings are repeated so often that they become meaningless. We all know that high-calorie foods cause weight gain, or that high-sugar foods cause diabetes. What many people don’t know, however, is that along with sugar, one of the leading causes of tooth decay is citric acid. That’s right, a common chemical found in orange juice could be destroying your teeth.

There are several ways to avoid tooth erosion. One of the most effective is to eliminate all of the foods that cause tooth erosion from your diet. Cut down your intake of soft drinks that are full of sugar to very small amounts. An easy way to achieve this is to pledge to yourself to only drink a single can of soft drinks every month. With a set limit, reduced consumption becomes easier.

For those with a serious sweet tooth, a great way to enjoy soft drinks while minimizing their negative dental effects is to drink them through a straw. Try to keep soft drinks in your mouth for as little time as possible as they cause more damage the longer they come in contact with your teeth. Over time, try to reduce your consumption of high-sugar drinks to improve your teeth.

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Remember, it’s not just soft drinks that cause damage to your teeth. Any drink that’s high in citric acid — a chemical found in oranges and other fruits — can cause damage to your teeth. This isn’t due to the nutritional composition of the foods, but the acidity of them. Foods with a low PH have erosive properties. The acid in these foods literally eats away at your teeth while you’re eating.

Dr. Pat Crawford of Kenosha claims that one of the best ways to reverse tooth erosion from acidic foods is to use non-acidic foods with a low PH to balance their negative effects. Brewed tea, green tea in particular, reduces the negative effects of acid exposure and makes your mouth healthier. Instead of enjoying a cup of bright orange juice, try brewing a cup of warm green tea whenever you eat a meal.

By adding healthy substances to your diet and reducing your exposure to tooth-rotting sugar and citric acid, you can see visible results in the health of your teeth in very little time. The smallest changes often have the biggest results, and by reducing your consumption of acidic drinks, you can regain a bright, healthy smile that radiates confidence.

This article was inspired by the best dentist in Kenosha, Patrick Crawford DDS. His Kenosha Dental Clinic is the most cutting-edge facility in Kenosha, WI, and all his patients are very satisfied with his work.

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