The Benefits Of not Smoking

Smoking: A Tasty Danger!

Smoking has been told as injurious to health and this is one of those phrases that billions of people read daily and do not act upon the advice. If you really have a mind to fend away smoking, take recourse to some ways that are really helpful in helping you out of this mess.


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Look at the following:

  1. An educated guess by the Center for Disease Control says that 23% adults smoke in the USA. This addiction leads a considerable percentage of these people (aged 25-44) towards death. This is a preventable death and must be cured with care. It not only leads a person to the wastage of money but also towards the deterioration of health.
  2. A research was taken in October 2010 which says that the average price of a cigarette pack is £5.59. Although the prices may vary from region to region and from country to country yet the price is not so small as to forget it.
  3. 3.      £5.59 per day saving means almost £40 per week, £167 per month, £ 2000 per year and £10,000 in 5 years. It makes a huge amount and its grand total may impress you in the end. Imagine this much amount in your hands and your jubilations at the end of the period. So quit smoking now, free your pocket of superfluous burden and save your hard earned money.
  4. 4.      Quitting smoking also means better health. Smoking is the root cause of many diseases like cancer, T.B. and so on. If you quit, you may escape from these preventable diseases.
  5. 5.       This statement is an eye opener for the serious people as the amount spent on this dangerous activity may leads you towards big savings. It takes away almost 12.5 % of your annual earnings.
  6. The average amount that you spend on this activity may be spent on buying a brand new car or to by a home cinema electronic equipment. You may also purchase a home on installments with considerable amount as a down payment.
  7. 7.       If a couple quits smoking, it will save £ 35,000 only after 18 years. There is no insurance cover as beneficial as this one. Fend away this sweet and silent killer and lead a life that is free from cares.

The above mentioned facts are only about the savings that you get by only one decision of quitting smoking. Imagine the huge advantages of better health, no expenses on disease that are caused by this disease and more body immunity. Thus, smoking must be quitted as soon as possible without any problems around. As it becomes a type of addiction for some people, you may take help from some physician if you find it difficult to quit it by your own will-power

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online health blog and fitness site

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