Taking Care of Rebonded Hair

Rebonding is a great chemical process to straighten your hair out, however it affects your hair quality. Chemical treatments usually lead to hair fall, and dry and weak hair.

If you have recently got your hair rebonded, you must take good care of it or the rebonding can damage your hair irreplaceably. Given below are a few hair care tips to help pamper your rebonded hair for shining and healthy mane:

  1. After rebonding, your hair stylist will advise special treatment that you must not ignore. The treatment may be in the salon or you can do it yourself at home.
  2. The first care that you must take to maintain your shining and healthy locks is to apply oil to your hair regularly. This will moisturize the hair. Steam it after oiling to deep condition hair. Give it a hot towel treatment.
  3. Apply only a good quality shampoo that is meant for straight hair. Your hair stylist may recommend a shampoo that is good for rebonded hair. Use it regularly.
  4. Applying a conditioner is a must for rebonded hair as the protein in the conditioner fills up the hair cuticles, making hair stronger.
  5. Apply a hair serum for deep conditioning. Alternatively, you can also apply a leave-in conditioner. These also protect hair and give them shine and strength.
  6. It is also essential to visit your hair salon every fortnight and get a deep conditioning treatment done so that your hair retains its strength and good health.
  7. Apply a homemade hair mask made of olive oil, egg and curd weekly. You can also add the gel of aloe vera to this mask.
  8. A balanced diet is essential for rebonded hair, as it needs to regain lost strength.

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Apart from this, one very important thing to remember is not to have any other chemical treatment done for your hair for the next six months. Let your hair recover its strength before you subject it to more chemicals.

Meanwhile, give it the goodness of protein and other hair care products and protect it from the harsh environment. Rebonded hair becomes dry and brittle if it is not taken care of. Keep it hydrated and you will be endowed with a shining mane.

So what are you waiting for? Let your hair down and party your night away! You never know when you’ll look this happening again once your rebounded hair are gone.

Christie McClain is a professional hairstylist and an aspiring beauty expert. In her free time, Christie loves experimenting with several different halloween wig styles to create spooky and funky new looks.  

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