Unsung Stress – What You Should Be Avoiding

Avoid at all costs, the sanity-crippling supermarket.

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Anyone that goes through a divorce, raising toddlers or teenagers, buys a house or attends Christmas with my in-laws, will agree that stress if pretty common. It comes in unforeseen-waves and there’s usually good reason as to why you need a break, a hobby or some extra TLC.

But what about the unsung stress? This isn’t to bog you down or bum you out. I’m noting the added stress we put ourselves through and which, if avoided, could make life a little easier when enjoying a peak of happiness or trough of something hitting the proverbial fan.


Furry critters bring much joy, however, as a parent, this joy is usually short-lived; ‘Isn’t she cute’ turns to ‘I don’t want to clean her out again’. Choosing them and loving them is easy. Supporting them whilst they are ill and dealing with the stress when they reach the pearly gates, can be an ordeal.

Mum and dad end up being key carers, covering all un-cute chores. Have a good think before you fall for those adorable, gooey gazes. You could be in for an expensive and laborious life ahead.


Plants can be stunning and staple; turning clinical offices into wonderful working environments and plain homes into paradises, but these precious life systems need watering y’all. Watering. Not much to offer in the beginning – in fact with all the novelty of buying and placing the plant in said home or office, you may go a little wild and over water in the beginning, but steady friend, it’s an art.

These are one of the least stressful things on the list however, once you go through the pain of raising a plant (special kudos if from seed), and then you see it withering in the corner after you’ve had a busy week; it’s just the cherry on the stressful cake.

Body Hair

Now, hear me out on this one. You may be thinking ‘pah, I have my routine nailed’, but is it stress free? I think not. For a start, you can’t avoid it unless you come into the money and have it lasered off. If you lose it involuntarily, it can be even more upsetting.

For the majority of us it’s a burden that we are faced with daily. With all the products, cuts, rashes, third party involvement, pain, itching, trimming, waxing, plucking and faffing, we still do it. Why?! Because we want to be attractive. Damn society and its natural hair-hating state.

The Metro

I pick this up daily and I have made the decision to never again from this morning. This freebie lures you in and plants the seeds of distrust and suspicion from the early hours. Honestly, tomorrow, if you pick it up you will notice that Metro writers rarely have good news. The only joy they have is sharing shorts on the sadistic and malicious members of society. Considering you are most likely to be A) starting your day by reading this and B) be in confined area of public transport with lots of other people; it’s not really the best situation to be in as your last crumbs of faith in society ebb away.

The Supermarket


Need I say much more? I don’t know many that make it through a supermarket shop who don’t have their blood pressure altered by the end. The clinical lighting, the shuffle from shelf to shelf, the fury of finding and the added mistrust of so-called ‘bargain pricing’ is almost too much. I’m surprised that basket and cart abandonment isn’t rife.

Each time I enter the supermarket I realise it was a mistake. Hungry as I am and will be without my trip, it’s inevitable. In all honesty, they wouldn’t be so bad if they were empty. Perhaps I should change this title to Supermarkets at the Weekend or just plain Other Supermarket Customers.

So this is my short list, what’s yours? Please do share!

Louise Blake is an energetic mother to be. She works as a design account manager and loves all aspects of architecture and home design. She’s a bargain hunter and a yoga addict. Currently she works for Optilead Basket Recovery.

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