Do You Need A Little Help?

A lot of people may consider getting help and advice on their personal problems and worries but they feel too embarrassed to do so. Most people end up bottling up and hiding their true feelings away which can sometimes have detrimental effects causing such things as mental breakdowns and depression.
Although you may initially feel that it is hard to speak to someone, it is always best to off load your worries somewhere. If you feel comfortable then try talking to family and friends, however, sometimes they can be the problem, or maybe you just don’t want to explain yourself to someone you know. A lot of the time people feel uncomfortable speaking to familiar people because they feel that they will be judged on what they tell them. It can bring a refreshing and uplifting feeling to talk to someone who is removed from the situation; they can provide you with a different view on the situation and stop you from feeling so low.
If you require or want to visit a therapist, psychologist or counsellor then it is an action that must be taken. If you are told that this is the best route for you to take then this is what you must do in order to change your mind set on a situation. Just think about it as talking to someone that you don’t know, it doesn’t matter what you tell them because they don’t know you and they won’t judge you and after you’ve resolved your problems you’ll probably never have to see them again.


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Most of the time a few sessions with a counsellor or therapist is all that someone requires to change their mind set on a certain situation. Sometimes however, because of illness or the fact that a problem is on going, people need continuous therapy and a short course is not enough.
One of the most common reasons for seeking some form of help is losing a loved one. Grief is an extremely strong emotion and sometimes people struggle to let go and they don’t really grieve. A lot of the time people will try to carry on with a normal life and not necessarily accept their loss; this can be damaging further on as sooner or later the grief catches up with them. This can cause a serious mental breakdown, which is a frightening time for all concerned as a person’s mental state is under significant pressure of what the mind is actually thinking, often proving hard to separate reality from fantasy.

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