Steps for Cleansing the Seven Chakras

One common misconception people have about chakras is they are completely abstract concepts. In other words, the chakras exist on an invisible plane and are, hence, indestructible. Is this an accurate assessment of what the seven chakras embody? No, this would really not be an accurate statement whatsoever. The seven chakras in the body are not completely abstract and they do run the risk of suffer a wear down when not properly cultivated.

This can be visible when negative energy becomes a part of the essence of the chakras. Since the goal of the person seeking to use the chakras to improve his or her well being and quality of life, it becomes vital that the seven chakras are specifically cleansed and healed so they function in the appropriate manner.

Once again, people will start to look towards such concepts as being abstract. The cleansing of the chakras may be considered something that is not viable since the chakras are invisible and inside the core of one’s being. Again, such an assessment is not an accurate one and it can be considered a flawed paradigm. Just as the chakras can be used to deliver healing and empowering energy for their human host, the energy of the chakras can also be employed for self induced healing. This would be the process of actually cleansing the seven chakras.

And no, the process of cleansing the seven chakras is no where near as difficult as some imagine it to be. Here is a look at how this cleansing strategy can be put into effective motion…

The most common way to clean the chakras entails following the same process required for building up the energy in the chakras. Namely, you will perform meditation for the purpose of cleaning out the negative energy that may have built up in your chakra centers. And believe it or not, the potential for amassing a great deal of negative energy is possible and the resultant effect of this is not what most people would prefer to deal with.

Now, onto the meditational process which can be used to clean the seven chakras…

The first step to take would be to get into your preferred meditation position. Once you are there you need to start engaging in deep breathing exercises drawing in the air via your nose. Hold your breath for a few seconds as you allow your muscles to completely and totally relax. As soon as you do this, you will then exhale deeply and fully. When the breath leaves the body it will bring with it much of the excess tension and agitation inherent with the negative energy locked into the seven chakras. Therefore, the deep exhalations will aid in cleaning out the chakras of the energy that is undermining their ability to function in an effective manner.

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It also does not hurt to employ visualization in this process. Chakras are, of course, invisible. They can be imagined in the mind and a visualizing of the cleansing process can aid in manifesting the needed cleaning required to return the chakras to their original sense of harmony.

Such visualization could entail imagining the chakras appearing a certain color. This color could represent the hold negative energy has on the chakras. As you perform your deep breathing and exhalation techniques, you could slowly change the color of the chakras in your mind. This would be symbolic of the negative energy slowly exiting the body. Employing such solid visualization helps guide the performance of the needed actions required to restore the body and its chakras to their proper and effective state.

Does this mean the negative energy will be gone and never to return?

Well, the first part may very well be the case….

The cleansing of the seven chakras should not be done infrequently. In fact, it is strongly suggested that it be done once a week. Negative energy has a tendency to build up and this can cause a great deal of disharmony in the body. By cleansing the seven chakras once a week, the potential for unhealthy energy build up to occur is reduced quite significantly.

The seven chakras are the source of many positive sources of energy in the body. They do, however, also retain the potential to present a high source of negative energy. This is why it is best to employ a series of steps to clean out the chakras in the body and enhance the pureness of the energy in the body.

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