Steam Saunas and Their Benefits

It is just lovely to feel the warmth of steam coming from the shower on your body when you are having a bath, not only is it relaxing but soothes the pains and aches of a long day at work. Steam saunas give you these benefits without you having to use a lot of water.

It was the Vikings of old who have started the tradition of the sauna bath, today there are millions in the world who enjoy this health investment they have pioneered. Traditionally, steam sauna rooms are made of wood and a steam sauna burns calories equivalent to a cardio work out and that is without having to exert any effort. It has been shown that 15-20 minutes of steam bath increases the heart rate by 50-75% not only does it increase the metabolism of the body, but aids in the cleansing of the blood stream as well. Steam saunas also provide relief to a number of ailments, particularly respiratory ones. Chronic bronchitis, asthma, as well as sinusitis are common examples of these. Steam saunas further give relief to muscle aches and pains, and give relaxing warmth to joints, a session in a steam sauna can give you the feeling of rejuvenation and revitalized energy.

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It is indeed too relaxing a feeling, that when you are in a sauna bath, you feel as if you’d want to stay forever, it is however recommended that you stay for not more than 20 minutes in your sauna session, moderation should always be exercised when doing a sauna bath because overstaying might pose hazards to the health too. Overstaying can make your body temperature rise so high, a condition known as hyperthermia, this is a serious condition that can lead to heat stroke or even death if very severe. Hyperthermia also dehydrates you of the body’s essential electrolytes. To avoid losing track of the time, you might well set an alarm for 20 minutes when you are having your sauna bath. Most modern sauna baths also come with timers that can be set in the digital control panel, this will enable you to relax yourself and enjoy having the steam wash over your body, without the danger of staying too long.

It is indeed lovely to have regular sauna sessions. With the wide range of health benefits it offers, from cardiovascular health to easing the muscle tension and stress, it is with little wonder do we know that saunas has existed with constant popularity through the ages. For several hundred years now, people have been enjoying them in their homes. It used to be that only the affluent in the society can have this health luxury. But not anymore! With modern manufacturing techniques, steam saunas have become available to be installed in your own homes at very affordable prices. Now anyone can have their own sauna that is customized to fit their needs at their very homes. You only need to choose from the wide range of styles that are offered in the market.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from experts in steam showers and saunas

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