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There is a lot that we do to prepare ourselves for winter, like change the seasonal tires on our car, or rake up eaves before snow falls, or put our patio furniture away. We pull out the winter wardrobe and put on hats and gloves, so why don’t we prepare our skin for the same? Just like in the summer when we use sunscreen to reflect the sun’s damage, the winter brings weather that we need to heed as well.

Have More than One Moisturizer

Winter weather can have a very negative affect on skin, causing tightness, dryness and flakiness which can lead to painful cracking and in worse cases, eczema. Even indoors, heat pulls moisture from the skin, so bring on the moisturizer! If you use the same moisturizer throughout the year, it’s not a bad idea to change it up a little and use one that is more winter appropriate. Your skin has different needs throughout the year based on the different kinds of weather, so one might not cut it. During the summer it is okay to use something lighter when your skin is perspiring more, but during the winter, you need a heavier product to keep moisture in.

Try an oil-based product which will leave a protective layer on the skin to keep moisture locked in. Use caution in using an oil-based product as you need one that won’t clog pores. Keep your eye open for items that use avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil or olive oil, which are all healthy for skin. Some lotions carry humectants, which will draw in moisture for the skin as well. Lotions with glycerin and vitamin E will keep moisture in as well and aloe will soothe wind-burned and chapped skin. Before applying any lotions, you might find it more helpful to exfoliate first. Exfoliating once or twice a week eliminates debris on the surface of the skin so lotions can get in deep meaning you’ll see even better results.

Sunscreen is Still Important

Believe it or not, sunscreen is just as important in the winter as it is in the summertime. The sun is just as damaging no matter what time of the year it is. The winter glare can be harsh, so be sure to apply sunscreen to your face and hands before you go outside.

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Wear the Right Clothing

Just like your face, the skin on your hands can be sensitive to the weather as well. Hands are much more susceptible to dryness in the winter because there are not as many oil glands, and the skin is thinner there than on the other parts of your body. Take care of your hands by using gloves whenever you go outside. And of course, think twice before putting on articles of clothing that are wet, which causes irritation to your skin. Keeping the winter air from getting to your skin keeps moisture where it should be.

Other Helpful Hints

There are plenty of other ways you can replenish your skin during winter months that include more than lathering on lotion. If you notice your home gets especially dry during the winter, a humidifier puts moisture back into the air and your skin won’t dry out as easily. Use warm water when washing whether it’s your face, body or hands as hot water can strip moisture and oils from the skin just like dry air can. Don’t forget to neglect the other areas of your body as well. Your lips, elbows and feet are other sensitive areas that can get dry just like your face. Choose the appropriate products to keep them free of dryness and be ready to take the winter weather head on without even batting an eyelash.

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