Natural Ways to Get Shiny Hair

For some people, every day is a bad hair day. Typical hair problems can include frizz, split ends, dandruff and flaky scalps, greasiness, dryness and brittleness, just to name a few. Some hair problems are hereditary, but there are several simple natural remedies you can use to help you grow healthy and shiny hair.

Tip 1

Start by treating damaged hair with less shampoo. Instead, blend two raw eggs with a little water and massage them into your hair. Leave in for ten minutes, then rinse off with first warm water, then with cool water. Repeat as necessary until you see the desired improvement in your damaged hair.

Tip 2

You can also help deal with dull, dry brittle hair by deep-conditioning it with Shea butter. Shea butter is naturally packed with vitamins and fatty acids, and is perfect for restoring fragile hair. Apply the Shea butter into washed hair once a week, then wrap a warm towel around your head and leave it in for twenty minutes. Rinse off to reveal much softer and shinier hair.

Tip 3

If you struggle with greasy hair, there is no quicker fix than ordinary baby powder. Simply part your hair into four sections and sprinkle a little powder in the roots. Massage it in, then brush the hair out. The powder will sop up the excess oils at the roots and give your hair more body. Many professional hair stylists swear by this natural quick fix.

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Tip 4

Add volume to your hair by rinsing it with Rose Milk. The protein in this rinse bulks up each strand and gives your hair a voluminous bounce. You can make it at home with 2 cups of milk and 10 drops of a rose essential oil like Aura Cacia Rose Absolute. Gently warm the mixture up — be careful not to overheat it and burn yourself — and pour it on your hair. Leave it in for 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Tip 5

Boost your hair growth and sheen by massaging olive and rosemary oils into the scalp. These oils can act as a follicle stimulant that opens up your pores and promotes growth. For even more lustrous and glossy hair, wrap a warm towel around your head after applying your normal conditioner. The heat will help the conditioner penetrate and leave your hair soft, silky, shiny and smooth.

Tip 6

Get rid of dandruff naturally by using green tea. It is loaded with catechins that actually treat dandruff faster than most expensive shampoos by helping prevent the overproduction of skin cells that turn into flakes. Steep two tea bags in two cups of water, cool, and massage the tea into your hair and scalp before bedtime. Leave it in overnight and wash off in the morning. People who did this for only three days continuously found they had significantly reduced dandruff.

Finally, know that not all hairbrushes are created equal. There is a brush for every hair problem, so invest in a good one for your situation. For example, a Conair Performer brush can help tame frizz due to its thick bristles that spread out the scalp’s natural oils. The Turbo Power-Magnesium Thermic Booster brush adds more volume to fine hair. A combination of natural treatments and a quality hairbrush can help leave your healthy and shiny.

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