How to Shave Your Legs

Women, especially those who are a bit hairy in the leg and arm areas, find it imperative to shave their legs every now and then. For them, having smooth legs will give them the confidence of wearing shorts, mini-skirts, and even bikinis. If ever you do plan to shave your own legs, there are a few steps that you can follow so that the process is smooth and hassle free.

Step 1:  Make sure that your legs are in a warm bath or have been exposed to a warm shower.

This is an important preliminary step. Why? The warm water helps make the hair of your legs softer. If the leg hairs are softer, it would be easier for you to shave them. This is the reason why many people find it more convenient to shave their legs after taking a warm shower. If you haven’t taken a shower, wait for a few minutes after you bathe your legs in warm water.

Step 2:  Find a comfortable sitting position, and then apply shaving cream.

Sometimes, women don’t seem to realize the importance of sitting while shaving. If you aren’t seated and you just raise your leg and prop it against the wall, you may lose your balance while shaving. Find a small stool or a ledge which will allow you to raise your legs comfortably. Also, don’t forget to lather on shaving cream. The shaving cream will allow the razor to glide along your legs’ skin easily.

WARNING: Never use soap if you don’t have shaving cream. Some brands of soap contain harsh chemicals that may leave your skin dry.

Step 3:  Using a razor, start shaving at your ankle then moving to the upper portion of your leg.

It is important that you shave against hair growth so that you would end with a close shave. Many people, however, can experience a razor burn if they shave in this direction. If you do get razor burn, shave along the direction of the hair growth, although you may want to shave the same area twice just to get that close shave. Continue shaving all the areas of your legs that are still covered by the shaving cream.

REMEMBER: Have a cup of warm water near you as you’re shaving. It is important that you rinse the razor every time you make a stroke. A wet razor glides easily on your skin than a dry one. Also, rinsing the razor cleans it every now and then of shaved leg hairs.

Step 4:  Rinse your leg and repeat the process if needed.

After shaving your legs, you should apply moisturizer to your leg. This will prevent any dryness and irritation that results from shaving.

Many women take shaving legs for granted, thinking that as long as they remove their legs hairs using a razor then the’re doing it correctly. However, there’s a proper procedure to shave your legs that results in a smoother shave and healthier skin.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    I was born hairy and the least expensive and most convenient solution for this problem is to shave my legs myself. I like to wear shorts and skirts and I do not want to show of hairy legs so i shave about once a week. I often do it in the shower using warm water. I use shaving cream but when I run out of it i use mild soap. I shave from the ankle going up around the legs. I also wash the razor every now and then to remove the hair that got stuck to it, After shaving i keep the razor in a cup of hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean and sharp. When I get out of the shower I put on lotion or moisturizer.

  2. potrish78 says:

    The first step is finding a good razor. Use a razor with lubricated strips, slightly moving heads to smoothly glide into the contours of your skin and multiple blades. Actually, I would recommend that you try several other razors until you finally find the one that is perfect for you.

    I often experience itchiness 24 hours after shaving my legs. What I do is: I shave my legs downward. It will take you to shave your legs twice but it helps prevent itchiness when the hair started to grow back. It is a must to moisturize your skin after shaving your legs.

    Although shaving is the least expensive in removing unwanted hairs, I still recommend waxing. Waxing pull hairs including its roots making the succeeding hair grow thinly.

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