How to Prevent Skin Dryness

Dry skin can be a big turn-off, as your skin tends to appear flaky, dull, and old. There are actually a lot of factors leading to the dryness of skin. One of these is smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Cigarettes and alcohol contain ingredients that contribute to the drying up of the skin. The harsh elements of nature can also be a factor. Read on to know how to lessen skin dryness.

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Steps to lessen skin dryness

Step #1: Drink a lot of water

One of the secrets to get that perfect smooth skin is drinking enough water. Experts recommend at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Step #2: Avoid caffeine-rich and alcoholic beverages

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the secrets to having good-looking skin. This means staying away from alcohol, cigarettes, and having too much caffeine that contribute to the dryness of the skin.

Step #3: Add oil to your bath

Adding oil to your daily bath is also one of the effective means to prevent your skin from drying up. You can add jojoba, almond, hazel nut, or olive oil to your bath water and then spend a few minutes soaking in it.

Step #4: Provide protection to your skin

Protecting your skin from the harsh elements of nature is also necessary. To protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, you should use sunscreen and other products that offer sunblock protection.

Step #5: Use mild cleansers and beauty products

You should use soap, cleansers, facial foam, and other beauty products that do not have harsh abrasives.

Other tips to maintain a smooth complexion

Aside from the steps mentioned above, a nutritious diet can also contribute in getting a smooth and beautiful-looking skin. You have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because these contain vitamins and minerals that could reinvigorate your skin health.

Having a smooth and younger-looking skin makes you look more beautiful and healthier. This is why you should take good care of you skin to prevent the early signs of aging.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    We all want to be young and beautiful that is why the beauty industry is booming. But then again it doesn’ take expensive products or costly procedures to be beautiful. The simplest ways is to take care ourselves and of course our skin to be young looking and maintain that youthful glow. We must have a healthy lifestyle and of course try as much as possible to avoid stress in our lives. I think it is important that we have inner peace and have a healthy state of mind. It is important that we are beautiful within so that beauty will radiate outside. It is true that when you feel all rotten inside then that will show outside same goes with beauty. If you feel beautiful inside then that beauty will shine through.,

  2. Women are not the only ones who are concerned about dry skin. Men are also concerned with this.Some may think that it is not manly to be vain,but honestly it can be a good way to improve one’s self esteem. Preventing skin dryness not only makes us look good and pleasing, it also has health benefits to us. Not having a dry skin allows us to be free from some skin allergens and diseases caused by dry skin. There are many skin care products that are available in the market today that is groomed especially for men. We must not be close minded enough to dismiss good grooming habits, it is better to take care of our skin than be sorry if we neglect it and get skin diseases that will surely cause much inconvenience.

  3. showerlist says:

    I live in a climate that’s hot and humid and anyone would think that people from those places probably have oily skin. Not so in my case. I would get dry skin so much that I even ended up applying lotion to my hands a couple of times a day and moisturiser too for my face and none of them seemed to work. But my friend suggested something and it was to use petroleum jelly on my dry parts before i go to sleep and you know what, it works like a charm. I don’t have the dry skin problem anymore!

  4. Oily skin is a major problem for me while I was growing up. But later on as I grew older I noticed that this problem gradually disappeared and was replaced with another problem–dry skin.

    I’ve read in some health magazine that upon reaching the age of 30 and up, women should start using moisturizers to slow down skin aging. So now that I belong to that age group. Ive added some daily rituals to prevent my skin from drying. Like when I take a shower, I use a moisturizing bar like dove or olay instead of the regular “family” soap, and whenever I go out in the sun, I make sure to bring an umbrella, put face powder with SPF on my face, and body lotion (also with SPF) on my arms.

  5. tyleracesall says:

    Use a brand of soap that has low alkaline solution in it, most germicidal soaps have strong solutions of alkaline, it’s good and it may be effective in cleansing your skin of dirt and grime but it can also make your skin dry. There’s a wide array of beauty soaps that are mild to the skin, you can select one that suits your liking.
    And also, hydrate your body. Look at what happens to a plant when you don’t water it… its leaves dry up and wither. So always be armed with a bottle of water wherever you go especially when it’s a hot summer day!
    And another thing, one of my secrets to keeping my skin from dryness is that I give myself a milk bath at least once a week, just a little bit of powdered milk, baby oil, and a few drops of cologne mixed with my bath water. Your skin will definitely thank you for it, hello to a fresh and moisturized skin!

  6. potrish78 says:

    As early as 12 years of age, we should start moisturizing our skin with available lotions in the market today. So parents, encourage your children to put lotion on after bath. They will surely thank you for that in the future. I regret that I didn’t do this at an early stage otherwise, I wouldn’t have this problem now. I am now 31 and I just started moisturizing my skin. Well, it’s better late than never, right?

    Anyway, since I started late in preventing dry skin, I use glysolid twice a day. It is a product from Germany which has an active ingredient called glycerin and allantoin. It helps soften, moisturize and heal dry skin. I also use Dove instead of a regular soap because of its moisturizing content.

  7. there is no such thing as too early when it comes to taking care of your skin and prevent it from could never be too careful right? there are all available products in the market these days from the really steep priced ones to those that are reasonably yet effective. having said so, one should not forget that one essential beauty tool that’s free and available to almost all which is H2o and all 8 glasses of it or more since this is one product that there’s absolutely no overdose! more over of course is to make sure you get several hours of sleep,do some exercise on the regular and always eat a well balanced meal, and oh not to forget, NO SMOKING, nada whatsoever^^

  8. yvonne t. says:

    To achieve healthy skin requires lots of attention and care. You should always be mindful on what you eat and do. To prevent having dull, lifeless and dry skin without spending a dime you may actually do something about it. Simple lotion, moisturizer, and healthy living is the key. You should always regularly wash your face and hygiene is very IMPORTANT. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. There are so many commercial beauty products out in the market and you should consult your dermatoligist before trying one especially when you have a sensitive skin. Pick the best products that suits your skin type. It doesn’t follow that the expensive products are better than those are affordable ones. Just keep in mind that the key to achieve “beauty” is to be more cautious to ones wellness. So start to nurture yourself.

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