How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Scarring is a normal process that takes place after the wound of acne has healed. There are various home remedies to treat acne scars as well as advanced methods to permanently remove them. Here are some of them:

Steps in getting rid of acne scars

Step #1: Use honey

Honey contains vitamin A. Aside from this, it also has natural antibiotic astringents. Honey increases the growth rate of cells around the scars. Therefore, applying honey on the acne scar will eventually remove the trace of wounds.

Step #2: Use aloe vera gel

Another remedy for acne scar is aloe vera gel. Aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are effective in maintaining good skin health.

Step #3: Consider undergoing chemical peel

Chemical peel is a good treatment for very light scarring. Chemical peel treatment is done by applying acid to the top layer of the skin; the acid is then removed after a few minutes.

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Step #4: Consider laser resurfacing

Lase resurfacing is a great way to clear away pimples and get rid of acne scars. In this process, laser is used to remove the scars. Laser surfacing is a painless method of removing acne scars. However, this is also quite expensive compared to other acne scar removal treatments.

Step #5: Undergo augmentation

Another way to get rid of acne scars is through augmentation. Augmentation involves the process by which the dermatologist injects collagen under the skin to smooth out the acne scarred area.

Tips to prevent formation of acne scars

Acne scars are difficult to remove, not to mention that some treatments that are considered effective are very costly. This is why it is important that you prevent the formation of scars. First off, avoid developing acne. You can do this by washing your face twice a day to make sure that it’s clean. If you have acne, you should not touch the lesion with your hands to avoid dirt contamination. Consult a dermatologist first before you apply any treatment for your acne.

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  1. Prevention is always better than cure and this also applies to Acne. Acne has become widespread nowadays due to the growing air pollution and dust particles in the air, it has also become more common since children and parents have misconceptions in regards acnes. Many people believe that they are just part of growing up and that they should just be left alone, but in doing this, they can spread out even more and once this happens, even if treated correctly, the scars would most likely be permanently etched into the sufferer’s skin. To prevent this from happening, ask experts or search the internet for guides on how to make your own Astringents and Toners from organic products such as fruits and vegetables.

  2. Having acne on face can be experienced by anyone. However, it can also be prevented through proper care. There are lots of ways on how we can take of our skin to get rid from acne. We should always consider the basic, always wash your face atleast twice a day, refrain from applying different kinds of make up or anything on your face. Because there might be chemicals that is too harsh on your skin and can worsen your acne scars. Second, is try to apply those that are natural or home remedies like applying some honey or papaya. Third, is consult with a dermatologist because they know better when they examine your skin. They can give the better advice. And you can undergo some procedures, though it cost expensive, but you can have a better option.

  3. Acne scars are an unsightly mark on a person’s face.Acne cannot be clearly prevented but can be treated with the right kind of medicines.Before using however,one must consult first a dermatologist to find out if your skin is sensitive and to know what type of facial treatments can be applied and used.Skin is sensitive and everyone has different reactions to different products so it is a wise choice to consult first rather than be sorry later by using wrong types of facial skin care.

  4. I just read about a natural way to remove scars left by acne. It is the rosehip seed oil. This oil comes from the seeds of rose bush found in Andes, Chile. According to the article, rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C — both of which are very good in skin regeneration and revitalization. It is also abundant in fatty acids that are usually found in various skin products. That is why rosehip oil is used in a lot of skin issues like eczema, dermatitis, minor burns, and acne. It is even used to treat ugly scars (like those made by acne), “erase” stretchmarks (especially for postpartum moms) and prevent skin aging. It sounds amazing! However, it should be kept in mind that different skin types react differently to different substances. So it is important that we should first ask the experts before using any product, especially if it involves the face.

  5. Henryson says:

    Acne are one of my problems in terms of physical. Even if you tried to use a lot of cosmetic products as treatment, they tend to come back, stubborn as they really are. When I got acne on the lower part of my cheeks, I visited a dermatologist and what they applied on my face was so painful even the cost.

  6. Rudkin Adriano says:

    ACNE it’s my problem ever since up to now. It’s not just physical problem for me it’s more of morally damaging. My problem with ACNE starts when I was at grade 5. It starts on my forehead and on my cheeks and worse even my neck. That’s also the time when I start to look down at myself I preferred not to join public activities in our school because of this. Now I’m started to gain self confidence again because the acne in my face is starting to fade away

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