How to Get a Tan without Burns

It seems that everyone wants a nice tan, that lustrous golden-brown skin that’s associated with concepts of beauty and sex appeal.  But more often than not, you get sunburn with that tan, which can be quite painful.  So, the question is, can you get a tan minus the sunburn?  There are methods, but they are limited in their capabilities of protection.

Step 1:  Know your skin type and your resistance against UV rays.

Warning:  There are six skin types all in all.  You need to determine under which class you belong to.  If you belong to Type I and II, you should give up on your dreams of having a tan for if you persist, you will just experience sunburns.  Types III to V have the chance to tan, though with different tanning and sunburn levels.  Type VI is the designation for dark-skinned people so tanning might not be an issue with them.

Step 2:  Get the sunscreen with the right SPF level for your skin type.

Warning:  Different skin types have different tanning reactions to the sun.  But in general, the SPF or Sun Protection Factor that is recommended for all skin types is 15. It can go higher for Type I and II people, and other types can also opt for sunscreens with higher SPF values should they want to have more protection against UV rays of the sun, which are the cause of sun burns.

Step 3:  Apply the sunscreen correctly.

Warning:  Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before you go under the sun.  This is to maximize the protection that it can give. Also, re-apply the sunscreen according to the instructions of the sunscreen manufacturer to ensure that you are still protected effectively.  This lessens your chances of burning when the sunscreen has dried off or has been washed away by water.

These are some steps that you can take to reduce your chances of burning while still getting that nice tan.  But don’t forget that exposure to UV rays is the major cause of skin cancer.  Also, sunscreens cannot protect you completely from the sun.  These only lessen damage from UV rays, so if you stay under the sun all day, you’ll get burned nonetheless.  You also need to take it easy when under the sun.  You might get the tan, but you don’t want burns or skin cancer to go along with it.

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  1. For some like me, who read the full article, you might asked: “Is there alternative to sun bathing?” Yes. There is what we call sunless tanning. They are commonly sold to the users as creams, gels or sprays. These products will react to the dead skin cells of the body and therefore giving you a temporary tanned skin. The tanned skin can last from 5-7 days. Depending on when will your dead skin cell wipes off. So which is better, tan with, or without the sun? I say its without the sun. Because we can lessen the risk of having skin cancer. But if we just want to enjoy summer, then we should consider getting a tan just a second reason to go to the beach.

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