Hormonal Acne Treatment For Clear Skin

It’s safe to say that preventing acne is one huge goal for every man and woman. But often times, people do not realize the need for prevention when they still cannot understand the root cause of acne itself. So instead of preventing, treating the symptoms is what usually happens.


Acne is not just a disorder young people experience. For it is something that affects everybody at any age, of any sex. Its development is affected by several factors, such as excessive sebum production of the sebaceous gland, or dead skin cell formation. It may also be influenced by the increase or disturbance in the amount of the normal bacteria or Staphylococcus aureus  in the skin. But the most common cause of acne, especially in teen agers or adolescents and women, is because of a hormonal imbalance. Its effects are also multi-factorial.

Hormonal imbalances could be caused by the rapid maturation of sex glands in teenagers. Aside from this, stress can also cause the condition, as it affects many normal functions of the body. Unhealthy lifestyle could also bring an imbalance, especially with the consumption of junk foods and inadequate fluid intake.

Treatment Options

The goal now here is to treat the imbalance in order to treat hormonal acne. There are several hormonal acne treatments that could help one get clear skin fast.

  • For individuals who are very prone to having breakouts, treatment usually includes the use of either synthetic materials or all natural products. Birth pills or oral contraceptives could be used in the management of hormonal imbalances, by blocking the hormone androgen which, is related to the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Although birth pills could be very helpful, it comes with several unavoidable side effects, such as mood swings, weight gain and increased appetite.

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An all-natural therapy, which is another treatment option, could be done by modification of diet regimen. Foods that cause an increase in

  • sebum, which in turn causes acne, must be avoided. Examples of these are foods high in sugar and fats. High fiber diet, on the other hand, is highly recommended as fiber is used to cleanse the body from wastes and toxins, factors that also contribute to hormonal imbalance. Taking adequate amounts of fluids is also recommended, as it will help in flushing out of all the toxins in the body.
  • Using herbal treatments are very helpful, too. The use of the mixture of lemon juice and rose water can help in preventing the recurrence of acne in affected regions. Garlic, which is highly known not just for its antihypertensive effects, has antibacterial effects  that can be very effective against acne.
  • Doing away with too much stress also helps with hormonal acne. Stress causes several changes in the body, including the function of hormone-producing organs, which leads to alterations in hormonal levels. When stress is avoided, the person would most likely maintain balance in her hormonal levels and becomes acne-free.

Treating acne is not as easy as eating a pie but when one is highly motivated to do so, it would not be so difficult.

This guest post was written by Rachel, a freelance writer for HormonalAcneHelp.com — learn how to get rid of your hormonal acne using home remedies.

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