Don’t Throw Away Makeup And Skincare Containers – Reuse Them!

Women and makeup are two things that go together. Most women have multiple products they use in their hair and on their face. Many women accumulate makeup containers that are half used or are past their expiration date. So, what happens to all those containers? Where should they go or are they reusable?

Ideas on Reusing Cosmetic Containers

The growing awareness of being eco-friendly is causing people everywhere to be conscious of recycling and being responsible with their waste. This is no different when it comes to recycling used makeup containers. Some creative ways to recycle old makeup containers have come out of this problem. One idea is to reuse containers in the family garden. Some companies wrap products in packages that can disintegrate in the ground. These companies have conveniently added seeds to the packaging so all the customer has to do is plant it, water it, and watch it grow. This is an example of the ultimate in recycling.

Some used makeup containers are the perfect size to use for something other than makeup. Small round containers are the perfect size to use as a pill container. They are also great to store small office supply objects such as safety pins, paper clips, sticky tacks, and other small items. A pretty compact can be reused for the mirror that it holds. Who doesn’t need to check their teeth after they go out to eat?

Many people also find ways to make their own makeup. Used containers are an ideal package to put homemade products in. This is especially true when a former makeup container is decorative and too pretty to throw in the recycling bin. Whip up a batch of makeup and give them as gifts too. Recipes for homemade cosmetics online are abundant on the internet.


Companies That Offer Free Gift For Empty Containers

Additionally, be on the lookout for cosmetic retailers online who will give back a free product when the customer brings back used containers of their brand. Companies who reward recycling are worthy of support. The fact that they care about the environment is worthy of respect.

If there is a package that cannot be reused, good old fashion recycling is the answer. Just because a package is small, it still needs to be recycled. Determine if the package has a recycling arrow on it to know if it can be put in the recycling bin at your neighborhood recycling center.

There is no doubt that women and makeup go together. Cosmetics online make purchasing makeup easy. Women are also responsible and are aware of the importance of recycling used makeup containers. There are plenty of options for recycling. Choose one that works best and enjoy the feeling when contributing toward taking care of the environment.

Tanya Loo is a cosmetics junkie and beauty advisor for She is also a firm environmentalist.

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