Can Wrinkles Actually Be Cured?

If you have looked in the mirror recently and were alarmed by the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that have developed, you’re not alone. There are scores of wrinkle treatments, lotions, peels, injections and, for the brave, surgeries that claim to turn back time. But doing a little research into the vast world of anti-aging products may make you wonder: is it possible to cure wrinkles?

The answer is both yes and no. While that may seem like an unsatisfying answer, the truth is that skin varies greatly from person to person. For most people who have already developed fine lines and wrinkles, surgery is the only way to completely erase time’s effect on your skin. However, if you’re not interested in going under the knife or having injections, there are several ways you can maintain healthy skin and even reduce the severity of your wrinkles.


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Moisturize And Exfoliate Frequently
Fashion magazines are a broken record when it comes to moisturizing, but there’s a reason: studies prove that dry skin is more likely to wrinkle. Moisturizing regularly can help you avoid the dreaded lines. If you already have a few wrinkles, you should still moisturize regularly. Applying hydrates will give your skin a short-term, supple appearance and save it from wrinkles in the long-term. When you moisturize, remember not to neglect delicate neck skin, which is just as prone to wrinkles and sagging.

You should also exfoliate regularly to avoid build up of dead skin cells. Every two or three days, use a gentle, exfoliating cleanser. Avoid irritation by making gentle, circular motions with slight pressure to clear out your pores and renew your skin.

Apply Sunscreen Daily
To avoid the unsightly, leathery appearance of too much sun exposure, protect your skin from the elements with sunscreen any time you plan to be outside. Even a few sunburns can cause deep, long-term damage to your skin. For more pale complexions, sunscreen should be an established ritual since sun damage appears more prominently in paler skin types.

While most make-up comes standard with SPF 15, you probably don’t apply makeup to your neck, chest or hands. All of these areas are especially susceptible to sun damage because the skin is thinner and wrinkles easily. SPF 15 is also not adequate protection for prolonged sun exposure. Use SPF 30 and apply it daily to all areas where skin is delicate. If you’ve already experienced sun damage, you should still take every precaution to protect your skin in order to avoid further damage or skin cancer.

Try A Retinoid Product
Retinoids work by keeping skin cells from breaking down more frequently as you age. Unlike a lot of anti-aging products, retinoids don’t just work on the surface. They penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin where skin cell production and breakdown takes place. The long-term effect helps keep deeper wrinkles at bay and can even reduce the appearance of any lines you already have. Retinoids also give collagen production an extra boost, which makes your skin appear fresh and healthy. Retinol creams will probably cause some redness and irritation at first, so don’t give up if your skin doesn’t react well at first.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
AHAs are natural acids found in citrus fruits, lactose, and other foods. For a deeper exfoliation, try an AHA peel. These acids eat away at the top layer of dead skin cells for a radical clean, exfoliated feeling. They are particularly effective at reducing the appearance of lines around the eyes. But use caution, because AHA peels can be strong and shouldn’t be used frequently. If you’d rather skip the peel, try a less-intense lotion with AHAs a few times a week.

These are just a few ways you can positively impact your skin’s health and diminish signs of aging. Other helpful tips include taking vitamins, particularly omega-3, which has been shown to increase skin health, as well as maintaining a generally healthy diet. Avoiding cigarettes is also important, since tobacco smoke contains enzymes that cause elastin to break down more quickly, resulting in sagging skin. Wrinkles can’t be completely cured by these methods, but you can greatly reduce their appearance while allow your skin to age gracefully and healthily.

Bella Labella is a skin care specialist in San Diego. Please check out her skin care company, Bella Labs on LinkedIn or follow Bella Labs on Twitter.

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