Anti aging skin-care tips

“Beat that age!”

So you loved the attention while you got when you were in college and don’t know how to get it back? Or are you nearing your wedding date and want to look the most youthful on The Day? Or are you in your early 30’s and want to shun those wrinkles and age effect? Here are few tips for a younger looking skin with a cent percent result:

• “Flax” it up!

Include foods that are rich in “flaxseed” and those which are rich in omega 3 and omega 6. Fish is very good for skin and you should try to cook your food in olive oil which is also excellent for your skin.

• Coffee? Say Yes!

Drinking coffee can also benefit your skin. This is because of the “polyphenols” composition in the beans.

• Water… water all the way!

Drinking a lot of water is essential. It will bring back the glow on your face and also detoxicates your system.

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• Opt for the “French” style of living!

Ageing is directly related to stress. Live life like the French women. They have the most glowing and radiating skin. That’s because they don’t deprive themselves and live life to the fullest adding variety to their lifestyle.

• Turmeric – a must do!

Using turmeric products that are skin friendly is also advisable. Turmeric has its prominence in Ayurveda and in the ayurvedic medicines.

• Experience the wonder-herb!

Tulsi or Holy Basil, can be termed as a wonder herb. One could consume it directly ie by eating the leaves or add them in tea making it an herbal one. Tulsi glorifies your skin and makes your skin look younger too.

• Try it Honey!

Use honey face mask to make your skin look youthful. Honey is a natural element which is rich in glucose oxidase and thus is excellent for retaining the skin’s moisture. You can also use products with honey extracts and apply it on your face. Honey and turmeric with milk is a perfect concoction for a refreshing skin.

• Don’t step out without the sunscreen!

It’s almost a sin to step out without applying the sunscreen. If you are the one who loves to go out shopping and walking the streets, make sure you apply the sunscreen atleast 15-20 minutes before you step out of your house.

• Lethal-combo

A lethal combination to a younger looking skin is the perfect diet with using some natural ways as well as cosmetic help. There is no doubt that the cosmetic range launched these days will be of great help, but to sustain your looks, a natural booster will be of immense help.

• Make it up!

Artistically applied make-up can also make you look younger. Get that perfect look till you work on the basics by manipulating the eye-shadows and pencils to make you look younger.

• Sleep – the Cinderella style!

When you sleep the hormones in your body are balanced and the skin repairs itself. Inadequate sleep can result in dark circles and make you look older than what you are.

The key however is to feel younger from within. Do small little changes in your hairstyle or a slightly more fashionable eye make-up or simply put more strokes of that blusher and be ready for a compliment-filled evening.

Also remember you cannot reverse the ageing process, but these implementing these remedies on a daily basis will surely help you to slow the process making you look younger than your age.

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