Simple Home Remedies For Eliminating Cold Sores

Simple Home Remedies for Eliminating Cold Sores

The skin irritations and embarrassment induced by cold sores can definitely be one of the most irritating things to deal with. Medications to treat cold sores can often be overpriced and purchasing them may be too mortifying for some. Luckily, there are home remedies for treating cold sores. Throughout the course of this article, a few home remedies for healing cold sores will be presented.

Isopropyl Alcohol 

Before attempting to get rid of the fever blister, draining it of any excess liquid or puss is critical. Avoiding using fingernails to drain the cold sore to prevent more bacteria from coming in contact with the area, which will only further irritate the skin. Similarly to popping a pimple, draining the cold sore, with a sterilized needle, sterilized tweezers, or by using two cotton pads, is essential to begin the healing process. One surefire way to eliminate cold sores within the comfort right at home is to simply apply isopropyl alcohol directly to the problem area with a cotton swab or Q-tip. Doing so two to three times a day will cleanse and disinfect the cold sore. The alcohol will also dry out the cold sore and works similarly as it would at drying out acne to reduce the size of the cold sore, to remove bacteria, and to speed up recovery. 

Witch Hazel 

Another easy remedy for cold sores is to apply witch hazel. Like the isopropyl alcohol process, witch hazel can be applied a few times throughout the course of the day directly to the fever blister with a Q-tip to prevent further spreading of the irritation and to quicken the healing process. Witch hazel is preferred by many cold sore sufferers that consider the isopropyl alcohol too intense and want to avoid the stinging sensation provided by the alcohol content. 

Ice and a Warm, Wet Compress 

A third home remedy for soothing and eliminating fever blisters is to simply apply ice and a warm, wet compress. Ice is renowned for its ability to reduce the swelling and size of pimples and fever blisters. Ice will also decrease the tenderness and pain often experienced as a result of cold sores. Warm, wet compresses can also prevent swelling of cold sores. Many athletes switch off between warm, wet cloths and ice packs when trying to recover from injury and the same process can be applied to the fever blister. Apply a warm, wet compress for a few minutes, then apply a small ice pack for a few minutes. Switch off between the two every few minutes, being sure to take breaks from both the ice and the heat. 


Clearly, there are various options for treating cold sores right at home. Whether the isopropyl alcohol method, the witch hazel method, or the ice and warm compress method is chosen, the irritation will certainly heal quickly and painlessly without having to buy any cream or medication. 


Paul Chai is a health & wellness enthusiast writer with interests around cold sore remedies and cold sore treatments.

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