Save Your Natural Hollywood Smile – Opt Out Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people now dream of having the perfect Hollywood smile. However the lengths to which people are going to have that Hollywood smile are frankly shocking and a tad scary.

The solution to the perfect Hollywood smile is simpler than it sounds, it doesn’t involve bleaching products or thousands of pounds worth of work; it is simply looking after your teeth from a very early age.

As a child, the fear of the dentist isn’t uncommon. However as the media produces pictures every day of celebrities with perfect, straight pearly whites, the pressure to have that ‘perfect’ smile has scared Britain into a ‘perfect teeth’ frenzy.

The shocking reality of dental prices and availability to treatment on the NHS has driven people to seek treatment outside the normal healthcare realms. More than 85,000 people in 2011 applied for the HC1 card which will exclude them from paying any or next to no dental treatment costs. As the NHS’s cracks are showing can we face a reality where Britain will be paying Hollywood prices for Hollywood teeth? And is this Hollywood smile really worth it?

cosmetic dentistry

Between 2005 and2009 a whopping £250 million was spent by the public on cosmetic dentistry for porcelain veneers. Now veneers are the summed up Hollywood smile persona, however the reality of the treatment sounds like a Frankenstein procedure rather than a normal trip to the dentist. What most people don’t understand is the procedure to have this Hollywood smile means shaving down your own teeth, essentially ruining the one thing you wanted to improve.

Also to have the perfect smile you need to be the perfect candidate. The paperwork beforehand means there is no guarantee that you will be accepted for the treatment. Issues such as teeth grinding and jaw size can affect the chances of having the procedure in the first place. The costs can be monstrous with one tooth treatment costing between £500 and £800.

The reality of media pressure to have the perfect smile is stupid, as celebrities will boast how veneers are the answer to the perfect smile. But most cosmetic dental procedures will only last for a certain amount of time, around five to eight years.

Most dentists will advise you to look after your own teeth for as long as possible as they can your best asset and are easier to work with. Brushing twice a day with a good toothpaste, flossing regularly, using mouthwash at least three times a week and visiting your dentist for check ups will ensure that you gain your own Hollywood smile the natural and free way.

This article was written by Emily Richardson, a user of dental practise management systems.

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