Reasons for Parents to Choose Cord Blood Banking

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1) What are the reasons for parents to choose cord blood banking?
2) How to banked cord blood?
3) What are the uses for cord blood stem cells?
4) How can you use cord blood stem cells in blood transfusions?
5) What diseases are treated with blood from bone marrow?

Even though it isn’t quite a routine practice, banking your baby’s cord blood is the right of every parent.  Cord blood is blood that’s taken from a baby’s umbilical cord just after birth.  It was always considered to be nothing more than ‘medical waste’ but research into this type of blood has shown it contains valuable stem cells.  These stem cells can be saved or stored and used later in life if the baby is in need.

The Process

After the umbilical cord is clamped, a needle is inserted into one of the veins and the blood is removed.  It takes no more than a few minutes and the baby won’t feel any pain at all.

After it’s collected, the blood can either be frozen and stored for private, family use or for public use.  The public banking method won’t cost you anything, but the private banking method will.

In each case, the cord blood from the baby might be used to help save a life down the road.  Privately banked cord blood may only be used if the baby or a close family member needs stem cells.  Of course, since new uses for cord blood stem cells are being discovered all the time, having them available may end up helping in some way no one has even thought of yet.  Here are some of the commonly known reasons for parents to choose cord blood banking.

Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusions may be necessary for all sorts of different reasons.  One problem some people have is that their body can reject the transfusion, leading to a whole host of other problems.

When cord blood is used, the stem cells used aren’t mature enough for the body to recognize them as invaders.  This means the blood can be given with a much lower chance of rejection than if the blood came from bone marrow.

Extracting stem cells from cord blood is also far less invasive and far less painful than taking it from bone marrow.  The baby doesn’t notice any more than he does when the umbilical cord is cut. 

Disease Treatment

Diseases that are treated with blood from bone marrow are also candidates for treatment with cord blood.  Some of the known diseases and conditions that cord blood can help include:

  • Immune diseases & disorders
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Leukemia
  • Krabbe disease
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

The thing to keep in mind about cord blood and one of the main reasons to consider banking is because of all the things it isn’t used for yet.  The way that new uses for cord blood keep coming into view illustrates just how priceless a commodity these stem cells might be.

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