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Water softeners are pretty popular, because people erroneously think that hard water is a bad thing. It is not. Water does not only deliver hydration. It delivers necessary minerals. The National Research Council states that minerals found in hard water, such as magnesium and calcium, which water softeners remove, are needed to keep our bodies healthy. Water-softening companies have spread misinformation about hard water and about water softeners over the years in order to sell their products.

The following is a list of facts about hard water to correct that misinformation, along with reasons that a reliable water softener alternative, such as a carbon filter, is the responsible choice when it comes to water purification products.

  • Hard water will not wash out the colors of your clothes. It is the chlorine in the water that is causing them to lose their vibrancy. Do not throw out the baby with the bath water, as they say. You want to get rid of the chlorine in the water, not the important minerals. In the same way that a bright-colored swimsuit will lose its luster if you do not wash it after swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool, over time, using chlorinated water in the washing machine will dull the color of your clothes.
  • Water softeners are not “green” products. Water softeners use salt to remove minerals. An excessive amount of salt in wastewater can hurt fish if dumped in the sea and damage crops and lawns if used to water them. In addition, water softeners waste vast amounts of water. This is not the case with whole-house, activated-carbon filters, such as those sold by LifeSource Water. These systems’ rinse water is recycled and used to water gardens and lawns.
  • Water softeners can be harmful to your health. Water softener systems work by exchanging magnesium and calcium ions for sodium ions. That is to say, minerals your body requires are exchanged for salt, a mineral that most of us already consume enough of (indeed, many of us consume too much sodium). This unnecessary process is harmful to the health of people with hypertension (high blood pressure). The Journal of the American Dietetic Association warned in 1986 that people were overlooking water-softening systems as a contributor to their salt-heavy diets and resultant negative health affects. People with high blood pressure who are trying to stay adequately hydrated are, unfortunately, unwittingly raising their blood pressure in doing so.


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Don’t fall for the misinformation being spread about water softeners. There’s nothing wrong with hard water. In fact, it has health benefits. It is the chlorine that’s harmful. Eliminating the chlorine as public water enters your house with a brand new carbon filter is just a simple click away. Order one on the Web, and it will be delivered and installed in your home.    

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