Personality Traits of Cancer

There are many personality traits that make people born under the sign of Cancer unique in their own way. One of the first things that can be said for people born under this sign is that they are led by emotions. They are extremely emotional, and when sad, they will express their sadness in a very unique way. They will cry a lot and feel miserable for days just to show how much they regret something that happened and the fact that they cannot change anything. However, in the same manner they will express a large amount of love when they find their special someone. Cancerians find their comfort in love always seeking the comfort and warmth of their family. They are very devoted to their closest ones, and would do anything to protect them from just about anything – led by emotions of course.

The Symbolism between the Zodiac Sign of Cancer and Its Symbol – Crab

Symbolically, the symbol for the sign of Cancer is the crab. There are many tight connections between this symbol and the nature of a Cancerian. The same way a crab will hide inside its shell once it feels it has been in danger a person born under the sign of Cancer will turn to their inner world, and hide from the outside world.

Introverted People under the Sign of Cancer

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Owing to the fact that people born under the sign of Cancer are turned to their inner thoughts and feelings, their personality type is most commonly related to introversion. They are friends for life with people they choose based on their very good intuition, but they are not very open to other people. In most cases their introversion will make them happy through only having a friend or two. The forth sign of zodiac, ruled by the moon, is often regarded as shy. People under this star sign are not very sociable due to their shyness, but this is not a general rule. Cancerians love to make superficial connections with people when they feel like this. They can be very outgoing, but in the largest portion of situations they choose to spend the afternoons with their closest friends, drinking coffee and talking about random things.

Cancerians Are Very Caring

Having a friend or a soul mate in a person born under the sign of Cancer is a real blessing, as these people are very caring, and they find great pleasure  in helping the people around them feel pleasant. They enjoy cooking as well, so you should not be surprised if a person born under this zodiac sign surprises you with a delicious dinner under the candle lights.

Strong Motherly Instinct

One last thing that defines people born under the sign of Cancer is that female Cancerians have a very strong motherly instinct, and in general, an instinct to protect their family. Family values are very important to them, so family often comes at the very top of the Cancerians’ list of priorities in life. All in all, they are very easy to agree with, but they need acceptance from people around them.

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