Outer Thigh Exercises Guide

Getting Started

Before getting started with any workout program including this outer thigh exercises guide, it is important to take some time and consideration as to what it is you want from your fitness routine. It is also essential to be realistic – if you have a serious weight problem, getting fit right away simply cannot happen.

Toning exercises of any kind helps build muscle, which creates a leaner and stronger body. It also helps rev up your metabolism. However, any workout program is not going to make up for poor eating habits. Working out then drinking sodas and eating fried fast food will derail your efforts, weaken your body, and make it much harder to stick to any kind of fitness routine.

Squats With or Without Fitness Ball

Squats with or without a fitness ball are excellent outer thigh exercises and can be done from anywhere. Women with knee concerns may wish to hold onto a wall for support or even try their water wings and do squats in a pool. “Fitness Magazine” recommends doing squats with a fitness ball.


Put a fitness ball between a sturdy wall and the curved part of your lower back as an option. Otherwise, simply stand near a wall unless you need to place your hands upon it for support.

Ensuring your feet are about shoulder-width apart, stand firmly. Lower yourself at least five inches (for safety going no lower than about 12 inches depth) if possible and try to hold for at least two seconds. Always keep your hips and shoulders secure.

Stand fully upright after each repetition of the squat, whether or not you use a fitness ball.”Fitness Magazine” recommends starting with a series of five, with 30 seconds of rest between each set, and then working your way up to 12 repetitions at a time. Keep in mind that you may need to modify or do less, and that’s okay! Outer thigh exercises, like any fitness program, are more about progress than perfection.

Outer Thigh Lift

An outer thigh lift is not plastic surgery! It is one of the easiest outer thigh exercises and can be done at home without an audience (unless you prefer to have the company of a romantic partner, kids, family, or friends!)


Lie down on your side and stretch your left arm above your head. Rest your head on the stretched arm and put your right arm onto your right hip. Make sure your legs stay straight for this exercise to really do its work!

Lift your right leg about six inches or so from the floor, ensuring your outer thigh muscle is doing most of the work. Then place your leg back down onto the ground.

Try to repeat the exercise 5 to 15 times depending on your fitness level. Then switch sides and repeat the process. See if you can complete at least four sets this way, but remember not to unnecessarily strain your body. You’re working one outer thigh at a time, so the other outer thigh is getting needed rest.

If you follow these exercises on a regular basis, you should effectively strengthen your outer thighs in a short period of time.

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