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Have you ever wondered what kind of health benefits you get from strolling around the grocery store? Maybe you want to know what you gain from walking around the sofa a couple of times during commercials, or by starting your day off with a set of jumping jacks. If you want to know, we might have the perfect gadget for you. Take a look at our Nike+ Fuel Band review to find out if this is what you have been waiting for.

What is the Nike+ Fuel Band?

The Nike+ Fuel Band is a little band that you can wear on your wrist. Once you have it on, it uses a sports-tested accelerometer to track your steps and the amount of calories you burn. It can basically track all of your daily activities, whether you are going for a run or getting up from the sofa to grab a drink. You don’t have to tell it to track each time you move. It will take care of the tracking for you. Thus, this is a really simple device to use.

Setting Goals

Along with tracking your activities, you can use the device to set goals. You can decide how much you want to do each day, and set it as a goal. Then you can monitor your progress throughout the day, right on the Nike+ Fuel Band. If you aren’t progressing fast enough, you’ll know you need to get up and do something. The great thing is, even if you just get up and walk to the next room, the band will give you credit toward your goal.

Motivational Tools

The Nike+ Fuel Band also makes it easy to stay motivated. First, you will receive achievements and hit milestones as you use the gadget. On top of that, you can compete against your friends.

Just download the Nike+ Fuel Band app for your phone, and then you can connect with your friends. Once you’re connected, you can go head to head with them. A little healthy competition can help you stay active, and will make it easier to reach your daily goals.

You can also use the app to track your progress, and to see what time of each day you are the most active. That information can help you devise a solid workout plan.

The Bottom Line

This is a cool piece of equipment that can help people of all fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for your third marathon or just trying to get off the sofa. Either way, you can benefit from this device. Just slap it on and start monitoring your fuel points. Then, increase your activity level and reach your goals.

Now that you’re done reading this Nike+ Fuel Band review, consider going out and getting one for yourself. Then, you can get some fuel points just by getting up from your computer and doing some stretching.

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