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Oxygen therapy is a common medical treatment regimen that benefits countless patients for varying reasons. Without this common yet critical therapy, many patients would experience a substantially reduced quality of life or be left to rely solely on solutions within a controlled medical environment. Patients who rely on the reliable delivery of pure oxygen within a home care environment need oxygen concentrators that are up to the task. Fortunately, Respironics concentrators are designed to respond best to the needs of oxygen therapy patients in need of a lightweight, portable and reliable solution.

Unique Features
Considered one of the leading manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators, Respironics offers a full product line of that offers plenty of innovative features. Many of their portable oxygen concentrators feature pulse dose breathe detection technology, ensuring that patients get the correct amount of oxygen while detecting the onset of inspiration. Of course, every portable model operates on DC power, with an assortment of extra batteries, AC and DC adapters and other portable oxygen concentrator accessories.

The Respironics SimplyGO is the company’s flagship portable model, offering an excellent respiration therapy solution in a lightweight, compact design. This and other Respironics products are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, making an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of patients.

Home vs. Portable Oxygen Concentrators
In addition to offering reliable and lightweight portable oxygen concentrators, Respironics also makes oxygen concentrators that are intended for home use. The main difference between home and portable oxygen concentrators is at the home models lack the portability that their lightweight counterparts offer. These models don’t have batteries, either, instead relying on the home’s AC outlet for power. On the other hand, home oxygen concentrators offer greater oxygen capacities and a more robust chassis.
Deciding between a home or portable oxygen concentrator depends on the patient’s lifestyle. If the patient is very active and travels a lot, Respironics portable concentrators are usually the way to go. Otherwise, they may be satisfied with a home model that offers excellent reliability as well as impressive longevity. Either way, patients get to enjoy the excellent quality of Respironics products while having their medical needs successfully met.

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Are They Air Travel-Friendly?
Active travelers should not have to be weighed down by their need to maintain their oxygen therapy regimen. It’s why Respironics specializes in producing portable oxygen concentrators that provide patients with exactly what they need when they need it. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict rules surrounding the transportation and usage of oxygen concentrators aboard flights. Therefore, any oxygen concentrator designed for travel has to be approved beforehand by the FAA.

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