Why Have an Out of Body Experience?

There are many newcomers to the realm of out of body experiences that want to know the reasons why people would voluntarily want to have one.  Like any other experience, the reasons for seeking it out are as varied as the people that try it.  However, we have noticed 3 common reasons that many people point out as their primary motivation for learning how to induce their own out of body experience.

The first reason is that they want to contact their deceased loved ones.  Many people believe that once they are in their true spirit form they will be able to easier contact their loved ones that have passed on.  Spirit to spirit communication is easier than one spirit trying to get through the dense walls of energy that make up the human body.  When a person leaves their body they become pure light energy which is easily recognized by other light energies and makes for much easier and efficient communication.  Imagine trying to talk to someone under water – that is what it is like for spirits trying to communicate with us through our dense physical bodies!

Another reason commonly sighted for trying out of body experiences is to travel to Heaven or The Other Side for healing of the physical body. I know that this seems counterintuitive but the truth is that all of our physical ailments begin in the spirit.  Often the problems of the spirit become physical manifestations that show up al illness, disease, injury or stress.  Taking medication or engaging in therapies is just a band-aid to the problem.  To get to the root of the issue and find a cure, you must seek healing at the spiritual level.  Many seek to do this by leaving their physical bodies behind and going to seek out the healing of their angels or of Master Healers on the Other Side.  Often the healing begins in the physical body immediately with full recoveries often seen after just a few sessions.


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The final reason most often cited for beginning down the path of out of body experiences is that of plain and simple curiosity.  People love to experiment with the unknown and it doesn’t get more unknown than when you leave the comfort and warmth of your own physical body! The attraction of being lighter than air and being able to travel outside of time and space is a worthy endeavor for those whose curiosity is peaked by the different and unknown.  There are only so many experiences you can have in the human body, so it makes sense that people have begun to travel out of it to see more of this world and the realms beyond it.

No matter what your reason for wanting your own out of body experience, just remember not to forget all of the fun and blessings that are to be had in your body as well!  Cherish your experience of life – whether you are in your body or out of it!

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