What to Do if You Have a Bad Temper

Anger can ruin good relationships. If you are a slave to your emotions, you will end up miserable. Having a bad temper can really destroy your life. If you are one who is easily roused by anger, here are some tips on how you can deal with your bad temper.

Steps on dealing with your bad temper

Step #1: Dissolve anger

It is difficult to deal with anger. If you let it out, it might ruin your relationship with others. If you bottle it up, on the other hand, it might lead to heart diseases. So the first and the best thing that you can do is to prevent it by staying away from situations that can easily flare you up.

Step #2: Control your anger

If feeling angry is inevitable, the least that you could do is to control it. You can do this by taking deep calming breaths.

Step #3: Listen to reasons

Before you throw heated words, you should first listen to explanations. Listening to people’s reasons would help you emphatize with them, and this will also help you understand why they did something that infuriates you.

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Step #4: Practice yoga

Yoga can help you relax and calm your nerves. Practicing yoga can help you control your violent emotions.

Step #5: Find another avenue for your anger

Since bottling up your anger is unhealthy, you need to find another avenue for it. Instead of shouting at other people, you can just type your negative thoughts on a WordPad and then hit the delete button after you have calmed down. In this way, you can let your anger out without really hurting someone.

Tips and reminders

It is healthy to be angry sometimes. However, you should make sure that you do not act or say something on the throes of anger because you might end up regretting everything.

A bad temper, if uncontrolled, can be ruin your life. This is why you really have to make sure that you keep your temper in control most of the time.

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  1. only4jade19 says:

    Anger is a human emotion, it is normal and it is usually healthy. The thing with anger is when it gets into your head and gets out of control. You become a slave of your emotion and becomes destructive. Suppressing anger denotes pinning it down and redirecting it to some other activity. These are the easy ways to control anger: by calming down – inhaling deeply and counting from 1-10 before you exhale, diverts your mind to the thing that makes you angry and relaxes your muscles. Changing the ambiance – by going to peaceful places usually in the lake or in the garden eases your mind and makes you think clearly.

  2. Anger is an emotion, and each and everyone of us gets angry at some point in life. It is perfectly healthy to get angry as this helps us relax and relieve the stress and and anxieties we have curled inside of us. But too much can be bad, being ruled by your emotion could lead to devastating effects in which you would regret later on in your life. First and foremost, what you need to do is you need to open your mind, resist the urge to burst out, learn to calm down, open your ears and listen first before you talk. Be tactful, and understand that everyone, including yourself is Human and is prone to making mistakes.

  3. Anger is usually felt by anyone which depends on any situation.What I do if I’m angry in whatever situation that I encounter, I don’t speak to anyone or anybody to avoid bigger scandal or hatred. I think this is the best way to handle it. Then if I felt ok then that’s the best time for me to talk to anybody to talk about the situation I’ve encountered. I also try to seek some help to freinds and family to give some advice on how to avoid anger in any situation that I will encounter in the near future. And being open minded could also help to control our emotions.

  4. starry09 says:

    When I feel angry, I usually stay quiet when I’m with friends. I don’t want to direct my anger at them because it will just make things worse. My best solution when you’re angry is to listen to soothing music. Just close your eyes and enjoy the music. You’re anger will surely be dissolved in no time. When you have calmed down, then you can think about how you can solve the problem that caused you to be angry. It’s much better to think about it when you’re calm down because your mind is clear and you can decide the best solution for your problem.

  5. You can channel your anger into something harmless and acceptable. Whenever you feel upset about something, why don’t you pick up your guitar and start composing songs about it. You can also do weightlifting in times that your anger seems unbearable that you just want to hit someone. Go to any place with less stimulus like your room or your favorite place. You can think about what happened and analyze what you can learn from it. Stop yourself from talking to someone, let yourself cool down first. Give yourself time to ponder.

  6. Anger is something we cannot avoid. At one time or another, there will be something, or someone, that will provoke anger from us. We are humans and we are created this way. That is, to have emotions. To be honest, there are still times when I fail to control my anger. But I am a work in progress. It is important, especially for a parent, to be able to control his or her anger. Otherwise, your kids will grow up in an angry environment. Let’s admit it. Kids have their way to make you go nuts! But it’s really unhealthy, and inhumane, to go on scolding and yelling at your kids every single day. Both parent and child will have their own share of stress. Another thing is, the Bible says that we should not sin when we are angry (Psalms 4:4). How would that be possible? Basically, we should know and understand ourselves. What makes you angry, and what would “melt away” your anger? If we are able to answer these two questions, then we would know what to do when anger strikes.

  7. tyleracesall says:

    Remove yourself, immediately if possible, from the situation that’s causing your anger. Staying someplace where the stimuli of the anger is will only make things worse.
    Some people would want to go out and drive around but that can lead to rage driving so instead, if there’s a park nearby go there, take a walk and breathe some fresh air, that will help you think clearly and it can also invite fresh and positive thoughts.
    Avoid crowded places as different energy coming from different people can intensify your anger.
    Anger is a negative energy that we have to get rid of. However, we need to cope with it properly to avoid having to regret things in the future.
    It is like diarrhea, it is bad if we bottle it all up and thus we have to cleanse our body of it but we need to find the “proper outlets” by which we can free our body of the negative energy boiling up inside us.

  8. gracette says:

    To be angry is not a good feeling. You feel exhausted, stressed and tired. But you can’t live without being angry at some points of your life. Like sometimes you get angry because of someone did stupid things to you or things didn’t work as planned. Anger is just a reaction on these things. However, you shouldn’t make anger rule our emotions. Sometimes when you get angry, you tend to say things that can hurt other people’s feelings. That can ruin your relationship with them. That’s why you should control ourselves when you are angry, unless you wanted to see yourself alone after losing and losing a loved ones or your friends. Assess yourself and don’t be bias. After you know the weak points when you are angry, start to find out how should your anger be resolved or at least how to lessen your violent actions.

  9. Kashema says:

    Getting angry all the time does not benefit any one, it only brings hurt if ti is not dealt with properly. We can get angry, but to what extent. The bible says angry and sin not.If we do this our lives will be a whole lot better.

    I am trying to control my anger and in the process try to help others control theirs.

    I have two friends that gets angry very easily. I have to be around them very often. I like them very much and it’s darn on me to help them overcome their anger.

    One of them in particular affects me so much, when she gets angry. I believe it’s because i admire her, the way she do things. She always try to do things properly, especially if it’s about God’s business. When she gets angry, it causes me to get angry too, even if ti is not me who gets her angry.

    I am praying for her, because i want our relationship to grow. I know now why she gets so angry, the thing is how can i help her?

    When we get angry we say things that will hurt other peoples feelings. I am trying not to speak out when i am angry. When the atmosphere is calm down or in a few minutes or even in a day or two, i try to resolve the matter. That works for me. That way my mind will be calm and my body would be relax and at the end of the conversation everyone leaves feeling happy.

    I realize now a days that i am much calmer, very peace full and i am trying to maintain a good relationship with everyone.

    Just think to yourself when you get angry – who does it benefit? or who does it affects? Will i regret what i just say or do? will i loose family and friends and ends up alone? If you don’t want that – try taking deep breaths and relax those muscle. Think about what you are going to say before you say them.

  10. Anger fits are usually manifestations of deep-seated issues that is present in one’s life, inhibiting the person to achieve a sense of well-being. This can be explained through Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. Here it is stated that each and every person have needs to fulfill in their lives, from basic, physiological needs such as food and shelther, to more complex needs of love, esteem, and finally self-actualization. It is in the absence of a particular need that a person becomes anxious and saps out energy in his environment in an attempt to fill in a gap in his needs. For example, a person who lost his job would begin to feel inadequate and insecure, thus uses anger as a defense mechanism because he is not aligned towards self-actualization. The Hierarchy of Needs applies to most cases of human relations and through looking at our lives internally, we would be able to address our anger issues.

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