Tips to Increase Alertness when Fatigued

Sleep is a favourite activity for many of us but significant numbers of us still feel tired either when we wake up or during the afternoon when it’s common to become lethargic. If you don’t enjoy feeling sleepy and jaded when you wake up, going to bed at a reasonable hour can help to get the required hours and quality of sleep needed by the body. When your environment is a comfortable one too, you can get better sleep and consequently feel less tired in the morning. However, if you’d like to change or improve your sleep routine you may have to follow your new schedule for at least a week to allow your body clock to adapt; in this instance there are several things that you can do to help settle into a new sleep routine and re-wake yourself up if and when you feel tired during the day.

The alarm clock
Set your wake up time and even bed time if you’re the type prone to becoming engrossed in a task and forgetting the clock entirely! Don’t use the snooze button when the alarm goes off as pressing this can cause you to fall back into a low quality, brief sleep that will not give your body any adequate rest. Initially you may find it difficult to adjust to a new routine but after a few weeks, you’ll wake up feeling more energized and refreshed.

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Hop in the shower
It doesn’t have to be cold but a shower can work wonders if you need to wake up! If you don’t have time to take a shower you can always splash cold water on your face; admittedly not as effective as taking a shower, it can still make you feel fresher and help reduce your tiredness.

Having caffeinated drinks like soda, coffee or hot cocoa will help improve your energy levels and mental alertness, these aren’t the ideal solution though as after the energy highly caffeinated drinks bring, there follows a period of lethargy and often more severe tiredness than before. Perhaps try fruit drinks with natural sugars to stay awake as a preferable option.

Nutritious breakfast
All health experts recommend having breakfast to help quell hunger after a long rest. Whole grain carbohydrates in your diet are essential as part of this to help restore blood sugar levels from the night time fast and prevent them from crashing later in the morning.

This sounds like an odd one! When you do housework however it can help to improve your mood and energy levels whether by encouraging your mind to be less active or by relaxing you. It can also serve to make you more active physically, increasing exercise levels and giving you an additional energy boost.

Use comfortable linens
Comfortable linen products can offer the right amount of support and comfort to help you sleep comfortably through the night and wake up feeling revitalised.

When you exercise endorphin levels in the body increase helping you to feel less tired. Another beneficial effect of exercise is that in addition to helping reduce fatigue it produces chemicals in the brain that reduce stress, those who don’t do any physical activity regularly often feel tired which could be as a result of this.

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